You’ll be shocked to learn that Bruins homer Jack Edwards was disgusted by Andrei Svechnikov’s massive hockey

You’ll be stunned to discover that Bruins homer Jack Edwards was disturbed by Andrei Svechnikov’s gigantic hockey hit on HIt’s the most magnificent season, people. The corridors are decked and the skates are full. Across North America, loved ones have assembled around the thundering flatscreens to make joyful. It’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs and it’s getting nuts.

No place was this more totally clear than in Raleigh on Wednesday, where the Carolina Hurricanes and Boston Bruins got down to business in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Round 1 series. Notable adversaries they ain’t, yet you could not have possibly known it inside PNC Arena where things were out and out dreadful from the puck drop. It started in the main period, when David Pastrnak got a five-minute major (decreased to a minor upon survey) for running into Canes netminder Antti Raanta, cutting Raanta’s face and thumping him from the game.ampus Lindholm

Pastrnak isn’t known as a messy player and closer investigation recommends he attempted to pull up a little, yet the harm was, plainly, done. Late in the subsequent period, Canes winger Andrei Svechnikov joyfully gave back when he got a free sudden spike in demand for the Bruins’ Hampus Lindholm behind the net, conveying one of the cleanest, meanest hockey hits we’ve seen since the railroad came to town. Witness the thunder.

The hit leveled the scales for the Hurricanes and sent the hockey world into a condition of sublime euphoria. Indeed, with the exception of NESN in depth commentator and Bruins homer specialist Jack Edwards, who, as you could have speculated, saw things somewhat better.

You sincerely need to regard the obligation to type. It doesn’t make any difference how reading material the hit was. It doesn’t make any difference that each puck intellectual on TV and Twitter should have been visible slobbering behind Svechnikov through-chest method. It doesn’t considerably make any difference that Svechnikov said he regretted harming Lindholm after the game. To Jack Edwards — high ruler of Boston sports hypocrisy — this was an insult to hockey, however mankind.

Fortunately Edwards got the outskirts equity he so frantically longed for a brief time some other time when noted minister of the game, Brad Marchand, whipped a two-gave cut into the chest area of Pyoter Kochetkov after deliberately running into the Canes’ reinforcement goalie late in the third period.