Will straight talk have Black Friday deals?

The Black Friday sale at Straight Talk is online-only, so you won’t have to worry about fighting the crowds to shop in person during Black Friday. Usually, Straight Talk discounts a wide variety of iPhone and Android products, with some phones up to 50% off or more. This year, you can expect similar savings!

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Keeping this in view, does Straight Talk Do Cyber Monday?

With ongoing promotions and clearance sales, practically every day is Cyber Monday at Straight Talk.

Similarly, what phones work with Straight Talk $30 plan? Straight Talk’s new $30 offer is only available on three GSM feature phones, the LG 420G, the LG 620G and the Samsung T401G. Though Straight Talk hasn’t disclosed which carrier is providing service for the offering, Prepaid Reviews reported T-Mobile USA is providing the network for the $30 per month unlimited service.

Consequently, does Boost Mobile have Black Friday sales?

Boost Mobile is offering the Boost Mobile with BYOD $25/mo Unlimited plan for $25.00 during the 2018 Black Friday sale. Save big on Boost Mobile iPhone 6 32GB for $50 when activating $50/$60 plan + port-in during the 2018 Boost Mobile Black Friday sale. It will be on sale for less.

How do I get the best cell phone deal?

Here are five tactics you can use to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

  1. Use multiple methods when shopping around.
  2. Include prepaid phones in your comparison.
  3. Negotiate.
  4. Check for a professional discount.
  5. Ask to compare the plan you’re considering with a no-contract version.

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