Why did Grange Hill End?

Grange Hill axed after 30 years because today’s schools are worse. In its heyday the hard-hitting stories of drug addiction, teenage pregnancy and bullying at school scandalised even the teachers.

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Moreover, how did Grange Hill End?

The announcement was made by CBBC controller Anne Gilchrist just two days before the show’s official 30th birthday. Grange Hill ended on Monday 15 September 2008 with a further return appearance by Todd Carty, in which Tucker persuaded his nephew Togger Johnson not to give up on school like he did.

Similarly, is Grange Hill coming back? Grange Hill creator wants to bring series back – with the original cast as parents. Could Grange Hill make a comeback? Just say yes! The show’s creator Phil Redmond says it’s the perfect time to bring back the hit BBC kids’ series.

Also know, when was the last episode of Grange Hill?

September 15, 2008

How many seasons did Grange Hill have?

Grange Hill is a British drama television series that focuses on the lives of the pupils at the fictional North London comprehensive school, Grange Hill, in the fictitious London borough of Northam; from series 26, the school ceased to have a specific location. 601 episodes aired across 31 series.

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