Who is known as the first martyr of Nepali literature?

Lakhan Thapa Magar (1835–1877) was a Nepalirevolutionary known as “the first martyr of Nepal”[1] He has beenlabeled such by the Nepali Magar ethnic group as he was the one whofirst resisted to the government in Nepal namely: the rule of theRana dynasty 1846 -1950. He rebelled against the ruleof

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In this manner, who is known as the first martyr of Nepal?

Lakhan Thapa

Also Know, who is known as Gothale in Nepali literature? One of the most widely read but less known writerof Nepal, Govinda Bahadur Malla is popular by his pet name’Gothale‘. He was inspired by his father Riddhi BahadurMalla, the founding editor of Sarada – the most prominentliterary magazine, to enter into the field ofliterature.

Considering this, who is the first Nepali poet?

Bhanubhakta Acharya

What is the real name of parijat?

??????) was a Nepalese writer.Her real name was Bishnu Kumari Waiba (Waiba is a subgroupof Tamang) but she wrote under the pen name Parijat(Parijat is a night-flowering fragrant jasmineflower).

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