Which is correct Betty and I or Betty and me?

What you ask is, effectively, which should be used as a subject, I or me? “Betty and I (subject) are going out.” is correct here. “Betty and me are going out.” is incorrect. It is not surprising to us that you have heard incorrect usage on TV.

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Herein, which is correct Sally and me or Sally and I?

It depends on the sentence. If this phrase is the subject, then it’s “Sally and I.” If it’s an object, then it’s “Sally and me.” Another way to keep them straight is to think about which first person plural pronoun you would use.

Also Know, what is the rule for using I or me in a sentence? Use the pronoun “I” when the person speaking is doing the action, either alone or with someone else. Use the pronoun “me” when the person speaking is receiving the action of the verb in some way, either directly or indirectly.

In respect to this, what is grammatically correct John and me or John and I?

An easy guide is to consider whether the pronoun comes before or after a verb in your sentence. ‘I’ is used before a verb and ‘me‘ is used after a verb. ‘John and me‘ after the verb. Pronouns used before verbs are: I, he, she, it, we, you and they.

Which is correct Bob and I or Bob and me?

1 Answer. The rule here is very simple: the correct word is the one you’d use if there were no “Bob” involved — so “I went to the store” becomes “Bob and I went to the store,” and “She kissed me” becomes “She kissed Bob and me.”

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