Where are nitrogen oxides found?

Oxides of nitrogen are part of the biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen, and are found in air, soil and water. In the atmosphere, the oxides of nitrogen are rapidly equilibrated to nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which eventually forms acid rain.

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Also, where does nitrogen oxides come from?

Nitrogen oxides are produced from the reaction of nitrogen and oxygen gases in the air during combustion, especially at high temperatures. At normal temperatures, oxygen and nitrogen gases do not react together. Nitrogen oxides are produced naturally from a lightning strike.

Likewise, are nitrogen oxides harmful? Nitric oxide is not considered to be hazardous to health at typical ambient concentrations, but nitrogen dioxide can be. NOx gases react to form smog and acid rain as well as being central to the formation of fine particles (PM) and ground level ozone, both of which are associated with adverse health effects..

Also to know, how many nitrogen oxides are there?

Nitrogen oxides are a group of seven gases and compounds composed of nitrogen and oxygen, sometimes collectively known as NOx gases. The two most common and hazardous oxides of nitrogen are nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide.

What products contain nitrogen dioxide?

Common products containing oxides of nitrogen include nitrate fertilisers. Cigarette smoke and other fuel burning activities, such as wood burning heaters, can be sources of oxides of nitrogen.

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