What is the meaning of Carceral?

Definition of carceral. : of, relating to, or suggesting a jail or prison.

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Consequently, is Carceral a word?

Carceral is a word that is generally not found outside the confines of academic or legal contexts.

Beside above, what is the carceral network? The carceral network, with its mechanisms of normalizing social control, made the human sciences “historically possible” through its analytical investment into “knowable man”—his “soul, individuality, consciousness, and conduct. Foucault refers to the term “discipline” as used within punitive penal systems.

Just so, what does carceral state mean?

The formal definition is that it’s the law enforcement officers who police the streets and help maintain order—it’s the court marshals, the lawyers, the probation and parole officers and, of course, correctional officials. So, it’s all the formal institutions of the criminal justice system.

What is anti Carceral feminism?

‘” Examining the contemporary anti-trafficking movement in the United States, Bernstein introduced the term to describe a type of feminist activism which casts all forms of sexual labor as sex-trafficking.

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