What is refit revolution?

REFIT® is a life-changing group fitness experience that rocks your body, heart, and. soul with powerful moves and positive music, to inspire you from the inside out. Powered by human connections, we turn boring, “have-to” workouts into a. “can’t-miss” community fitness experience! REFIT classes propel students to their.

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Moreover, what is refit exercise?

A TOTAL-BODY WORKOUT THAT LEAVES YOU SMILING REFIT is a “movement+music” experience that adds resistance-training elements to give you a total-body workout. Approximately 600-800 calories are burned within a 1-hour class.

Also Know, what is a refit instructor? The REFIT® Instructor Training program is designed to equip and empower all individuals to lead fitness classes in their local communities. Instructors will explore the vision and values of REFIT, learn how to develop community, and expand their knowledge of movement, choreography and instructorship.

Subsequently, question is, what is a refit?

: to fit out or supply again. intransitive verb. : to obtain repairs or fresh supplies or equipment. refit.

How much does refit cost?

If you have the annual plan, $99 is auto-drafted annually on that same date. You can cancel at any time and stop charges immediately, but we hope you won’t!

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