What is Ocairs?

The OCAIRS is a semi-structured interview and rating scale designed to capture, in detail, a person’s occupational participation. The English version 4.0 has been translated into Swedish.

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Likewise, what does Ocairs stand for?

Occupational Case Analysis and Interview Rating Scale

Also, what is the Ophi II? SUMMARY The Occupational Performance History Interview-Second Version (OPHIII) is a semi-structured interview that gathers life history information. The interview data is used to score three rating scales and complete a narrative slope. Previous research has primarily examined the validity of the scales.

In respect to this, what is the Occupational Self Assessment?

Summary: The Occupational Self Assessment (OSA) is an evaluation tool and an outcome measure based on the Model of Human Occupation The OSA is designed to capture clients’ perceptions of their own occupational competence and of the occupations they consider important.

What is Mohost?

The MOHOST is an assessment that addresses the majority of MOHO concepts (volition, habituation, skills, and environment), allowing the therapist to gain an overview of the client’s occupational functioning.

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