What is multiboot installation?

Multi-booting is the act of installing multipleoperating systems on a computer, and being able to choose which oneto boot. The term dual-booting refers to the common configurationof specifically two operating systems. Multi-booting may require acustom boot loader.

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Likewise, why would you have a multi boot system?

Reasons to Dual Boot a Computer. Dualbooting a computer means that you installmultiple Operating Systems on the same computer. Itis possible to install two operating systems on thesame computer without the aid of third party software but thesoftware available today makes the job so much easier.

Subsequently, question is, what is dual boot mode? A dual boot system is a computer system in whichtwo operating systems are installed on the same hard drive,allowing either operating system to be loaded and given control.When you turn the computer on, a boot manager programdisplays a menu, allowing you to choose the operating system youwish to use.

Similarly, you may ask, what is dual booting and its benefits?

Dualbooting enables you to go from apowered-off state to a menu from which you can choose whichoperating system to load. This menu may have one, two, or even moreoptions, and each choice loads the environment, drivers, andsystem necessary for the selected option.

How do I set up dual boot?

Setting Up a DualBootSystem Dual Boot Windows and Linux: InstallWindows first if there’s no operating system installed on your PC.Create Linux installation media, boot into the Linuxinstaller, and select the option to install Linux alongsideWindows. Read more about setting up adualboot Linux system.

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