What is Mediterranean garden style?

Inspired by the coastal areas of Spain, Italy and France, this style of garden combines relaxed materials and plants with formal accents and designs. Terra cotta pots, tiered fountains, statuary, Roman columns and bocce ball courts are all hallmarks of Mediterranean gardens.

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Similarly one may ask, what does a Mediterranean garden look like?

In a Mediterranean garden, you’ll find warm, dry air filled with many fragrant delights, like lavender. Numerous heat-loving and drought-tolerant plants can be found here, as well as large architectural plantings, such as palms, bay topiary, and tree ferns.

Also Know, how do I make my garden Mediterranean? Pleasing the eye, low-maintenance and typically water-wise, the Mediterranean garden look can be easily achieved through 9 key elements.

  1. Shaded seating areas.
  2. Pots and containers.
  3. Gravel floor.
  4. Water features.
  5. Pebbles and cobbles.
  6. Mediterranean tiles.
  7. Succulents and drought-tolerant plants.
  8. Clipped hedges and topiary.

Similarly, it is asked, what plants are in a Mediterranean garden?

The 10 Best Mediterranean Plants for UK Gardens

  • Olive Trees. You can’t get more Mediterranean than olives!
  • Chamaerops Humilis Palms.
  • Trachycarpus Fortunei Palms.
  • Cupressus Sempervirens (Tuscan Cypress) Trees.
  • Bay Leaf Topiary.
  • Trachelospernum Jasminoides (Evergreen Jasmine)
  • Agapanthus Africanus.
  • Pine Nut (Stone Pine) Trees.

What trees grow in the Mediterranean?

Forest: Mediterranean forests are generally composed of broadleaf trees, such as the oak and mixed sclerophyll forests of California and the Mediterranean region, the Eucalyptus forests of Southwest Australia, and the Nothofagus forests of central Chile.

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