What is it called where you put someone’s ashes?

A columbarium or cremation niche is a room, normally in a cemetery or church, or it can be a free-standing wall. It contains small individual spaces called niches. After an urn containing the ashes and sometimes personal keepsakes are placed into the niche, a marker identifying the deceased is placed on the outside.

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Thereof, what do you call the place where ashes are interred?

Interment of ashes is when cremated remains are buried in the ground or placed in a building designed to hold ashes, known as a columbarium.

Secondly, what are human ashes called? Cremated ashes, also known as cremated remains, are the bone matter that is left once the cremation process is complete. The cremation process applies extreme temperature – fire – to the body, completely incinterating everything and reducing the body to bone material.

what do you call a place for cremated remains?

l?mˈb??ri?m/; pl. columbaria) is a place for the respectful and usually public storage of cinerary urns (those holding a deceased’s cremated remains), but can also mean the nesting boxes of pigeons.

Are cremated ashes really of the person?

Cremated remains are commonly referred to as “ashes,” however, in reality, they consist primarily of bone fragments. It is important to recognize that the cremated remains of the body are commingled with any remains of the container as well as any other incidental by-products of the incineration.

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