What Do C and H Mean on a Car Dashboard Gauge?

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Cars have an countless array of letters, abbreviations, and mild indicators on the dashboard, infotainment system, and different elements of the automobile. Two of crucial ones are “C” and “H,” that are on the dashboard gauge. What do these letters imply?

Meaning of C and H in a automobile

"C" and "H" and car dashboard gauge instrument panel, highlighting what they mean
Dashboard gauge with “C” and “H” indicators | Mark Putzer, MotorBiscuit

The C-H indicator, positioned on the dashboard gauge or instrument panel of a automobile, shows the engine temperature. The letter “C” means chilly, whereas “H” stands for decent. A automobile with a correctly functioning cooling system ought to have the needle in the course of the C-H indicator. This exhibits that the engine is running nicely at a super temperature. 

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