What became of Tracy Edwards, the sole survivor of Jeffrey Dahmer

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The young man spent a year and a half in prison and two years under supervision after participating in an argument that ended with the death of a homeless man.

etradefactory.comIn recent weeks, the ‘Dahmer. Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer’s story has gone around the world. A plot based on real events that tells how the life of the Milwaukee killer was between 1978 and 1991 , when he committed the brutal murders. A series that has received many and varied reviews, some referring to the relatives of the victims, who now see how everything happened.

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Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. The gruesome murders involved rape, necrophilia and cannibalism. Pleading insanity, the court found Dahmer sane and guilty on 15 counts of murder and he was sentenced to 15 life terms, the equivalent of 957 years in prison. (Photo by Curt Borgwardt/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images

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Dahmer murdered and dismembered 17 teenagers , including in some cases necrophilia, cannibalism, and sparing some of his victims’ body parts. However, Tracy Edwards managed to escape before becoming another victim . She coincided with him in a pub, and invited him to her house to do a photo session in exchange for 100 euros, the young man agreed. But when she went up to her house and realized Jeffrey’s intentions, she managed to escape and notify the police, who later showed up at the house and arrested him.

Various crimes and homelessness

A scene that can be seen in the first of the 10 episodes of the Netflix series, when Edwards was 32 years old. However, the life of this young man has taken many turns, and as reported by the media ‘ Excelsior ‘, he accumulated “a series of charges that include arrests for possession of drugs and robbery . ” Furthermore, he has been living in destitution, sleeping on the streets since 2002 .

But years later, in 2012 , Tracy Edwards was sentenced to a year and a half in prison and two years of extended supervision after getting into an argument that ended in the tragic death of another homeless man . The whereabouts of Edwards, who would now be 63 years old , are currently unknown .

For his part, Dahmer ended up being killed, allegedly by Christopher Scarver, in the prison laundry when he was 34 years old.

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