Weighing Ron Rivera’s job security with Washington Commanders

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Week 6 begins Thursday. The mailbag begins now …

From Samuel Reyes (@YourfavHilo): Is it time to tug the plug on Ron Rivera and his workers? Either transfer him upstairs or utterly do away with him. His teaching isn’t working.

Samuel, I get your emotions on the trajectory of the operation. Washington was 7–9 in 2020, 7–10 in ’21, and would wish to go 6–6 simply to get to seven wins this 12 months—which, given how a lot more durable the NFC East is than was anticipated, may very well be an even bigger ask than you would possibly suppose. And if the Commanders are worse than they had been final 12 months, that’d be three years of backsliding, and most coaches don’t survive that.

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