Powerball jackpot analysis

Powerball jackpot analysis

The expected Jackpot for Powerball on September 28th, 2022, is $300 million.

Cash options are $159.2 million. This Powerball prize analysis will tell you the amount you

could be able to collect after local, state, and federal withholding tax.

In accordance with the law of California, the State of California Taxes is withheld for lottery winners

that are $600.00 plus. If the prize is greater than $5,000.00, US citizens and residents of countries

with a Social Security number are entitled to a deduction of 25% on their winnings

which is a federal tax. The good news is that lottery winnings can be exempted from California State

and Local personal income tax. For more information about the taxation of lottery winnings within

California, click here. California, If you choose to use those who choose to use the Cash option