Uterus prolapse: Ensure good uterus health with these effective tips

Many women experience uterus prolapse, a condition in which the muscles and ligaments around the uterus weaken and sag out of position. Since the uterus separates bladder from the rectum, uterus prolapse can lead to several problems related to both the organs, like constipation, difficulty passing urine, and pain and heaviness in the lower abdomen, according to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.

Diwekar, who regularly shares important information about health, fitness and nutrition, took to Instagram, to share about uterus prolapse, what puts you at risk and how to support your uterus.

“For good uterus health — basics of uterus health, why does the uterus prolapse, importance of good posture; exercises for uterus health –cycling, squats, inversions, kegel; foods for uterus health — ragi and rajgeera, local berries, hung curd chutney, kharvas (sic),” she captioned the video where she can be seen explaining the same.

What puts you at risk of uterus prolapse?

“Women are most at risk of uterus prolapse during menopause as they are weak around pelvic floor and lower body during that period,” the nutritionist explained. She added, “Age and giving birth are two other risk factors”.

What can you do to correct weakness?

*Pay attention to your posture. Make sure you stand straight and your front and back are parallel to each other.

*Practice the kegel exercise 5-10 times a day.

*Learn to squat. Do at least five squats every day.

*Practice the Brazilian fitness test which is basically a sit-and-rise exercise. In this, you sit cross-legged on the floor, get up and repeat the movement.

*Do at least two days of strength training and two days of cycling. Cycling will train your lower body without putting too much pressure on your lower back and abdomen.

*Learn inversions in yoga. Inversions are basically all the asanas where your hips stretch away from your head and heart. Two of them are bridge pose and dog pose. These help you keep your reproductive organs in place.

What should you eat to support your uterus?

According to Diwekar, you should eat the following foods to support your uterus.

*Ragi and rajgeera (two times a week)

*Consume local berries

*Hung curd (once every week)

*Beri or Kharvas (5-6 times a year)

“Taking rest is very important for women. Rest every afternoon for at least 20 minutes. It will allow for better hormonal balance, recovery and health of the uterus,” the nutritionist concluded.

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