Trio Dancer 3 EA is a completely automated EA normally being bought for 300$. This EA has been formulated to commerce market fluctuations. This free foreign exchange ea work based mostly on MACD, RSI, Stochastic, CCI, and transferring averages indicators. Trio Dancer 3 robotic take trades based mostly on completely different 3 methods

When a commerce goes to minus the adviser opens one other order with an elevated lot(Martingale). It’s potential to reveal automated management of the capital the place the adviser himself will calculate cease loss and so much relying in your deposit. Additionally, there is a chance to disconnect commerce on Friday.



Enter Parameters


  • t1 – World Setting
    • Tons – so much.
    • LotExponent – coefficient of multiplication of so much at publicity of the next knee
    • MaxLots – the utmost lot.
    • MM – automated management of the capital.
    • TakeProfit – the utmost revenue.
    • UseEquityStop – to reveal cease loss on the allowed degree of sag.
    • TotalEquityRisk – admissible cease loss.
  • t2 – Time Setting
    • CloseFriday – to shut transactions on Friday.
    • CloseFridayHour – precise hour of closing of transactions on Friday.
    • OpenMondey – alternative to open transactions on Monday.
    • OpenMondeyHour – precise hour of alternative to open transactions on Monday.
  • t3 – Setting for Dancing Jaipong
    • MaxTrades_Hilo – solvable variety of orders for the primary technique.
    • UseTrailingStop_Hilo – a trawl of 1 technique.
    • TrailStart_Hilo – distance previous to opening of a traling of 1 technique
    • TrailStop_Hilo – the scale of a traling of 1 technique
    • PipStep_Hilo – variety of factors between transactions of 1 technique
    • slip_Hilo – slipping in 1 technique
    • MagicNumber_Hilo – magic quantity for 1 technique
  • t4 – Setting for Dancing Keroncong
    • MaxTrades_15 – solvable variety of orders on 2 technique
    • UseTrailingStop_15 – to incorporate sure 2 technique a traling of toes
    • TrailStart_15 – distance previous to opening of a traling on the second technique
    • TrailStop_15 – the scale of a traling is 2 technique
    • PipStep_15 – variety of factors between transactions of two technique
    • slip_15 – slipping of two technique
    • G_magic_176_15 – magic quantity for two technique
  • t5 – Setting for Dancing Tortor
    • MaxTrades_16 – solvable variety of orders of three technique
    • UseTrailingStop_16 – use of a traling.
    • TrailStart_16 – distance previous to opening of a traling of three technique
    • TrailStop_16 – the scale of a traling is 3 technique
    • PipStep_16 – variety of factors between transactions at 3strategii.
    • slip_16 – restriction in slipping
    • G_magic_176_16 – magic quantity for 3 technique.

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