They had a love rivalry and settled it in a nightclub

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The Saskatoon Police Department in Canada has arrested a 22-year-old woman identified as the perpetrator of the death of another woman during a nightclub party.

The woman, identified as Paige Theriault (left in the photo), will be brought to justice after videos were released showing how she assaulted Hodan Hashi (right in the photo). According to legal experts, the first may be put to more than 15 years in prison, local media report .

Police said they were notified around 2:40 p.m. about the case

Paige Theriault is identified as the aggressor

at a nightclub in the 200 Block of 3rd Avenue South. Upon arrival, they noticed a 23-year-old black woman with serious injuries.

The authorities add that the two women knew each other, and that they had a small rivalry previously related to passionate matters for a man. Consequently, they asked for any information or video for the case and some came out showing how Theriault caused the injuries.

Meanwhile, friends of Hashi’s started a GoFoundMe to help his family with funeral expenses.

Hodan Hashi passed away after severe injuries
Hodan Hashi passed away after severe injuries

“She was a kind, gentle and generous soul who would give the shirt to anyone who needed it. Many loved her and she was willing to show the love that the world had to give. Since we are in mourning, we must also begin funeral preparations. This includes transporting her body from Saskatoon to Ottawa. Any financial help, along with prayer, will be appreciated,” the friends wrote on that platform.

Paige Theriault, the assailant, is originally from Saskatoon but now lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She moved to Calgary in November 2021, according to her Facebook page, where she wrote on December 28, 2021: “2022, I’m the villain. I don’t mind 😭🤣 doing a scene and I’m going to do a movie.”

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