These are 5 facts about Jeffrey Dahmer that were removed from the series that is all the rage on Netflix

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Facts, people and characteristics that were omitted in the series that recounts the crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer.

etradefactory.comThere is no doubt that series about famous criminals are booming on the Netflix platform . On another occasion, the famous assassin of Gianni Versace had been “honored” in 2019. This production came to generate stinging and fascination in equal measure. It is that productions based on real events have already proven to have a very seductive hook for audiences. This time Jeffrey Dahmer is at the center of the world scene due to his success on Netflix and also due to the controversy generated on social networks since its premiere.

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[catlist id=100371 numberposts=5] However, not everything that is seen in the series is adjusted to reality. In this sense, Ryan Murphy, director of the production, decided to tell the story from the point of view of the victims. And on the other hand, as is logical, a character worthy of surprising the spectators was created, which meant some modifications.

Changes that were made in the series to protect the victims

First, the character of Jeffrey Dahmer is shown as a withdrawn subject, although in reality he was the “laughing stock” of the school. Now, regarding the awards given to the policemen, well, in truth this never happened, on the contrary, they were sanctioned. Then it is mentioned that the father of the serial killer received 15 complaints from relatives for the book about his son, but in truth the man only received two. Although some details are sharply different from reality, other data, such as the following, were rather omissions. The director failed to explain what happened to Tracy Edward, the only one who managed to survive. The African American had a complicated life after being a victim of Dahmer and is a part of the story worth telling. As for David Dahmer, his younger brother was simply ignored by fiction, but in reality he was greatly affected by the events of his relative. This means that one of the most notorious criminals in American criminal history has still left us with plenty of material to further explore his acts.
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