The sad end of the only survivor to Jeffrey Dahmer: “He could never put his life back together”

Spread the love – Tracy Edwards struggled with Dahmer, escaped and alerted the police, who later arrested the killer. The story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has become known thanks to Netflix, where the production ” Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story ” has been one of the most viewed in recent months on streaming . Dahmermurdered 17 people in 1978 and 1991, to then eat part of their bodies and in some cases, have sex with them. 

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[catlist id=100371 numberposts=5] However, there was one person who survived the killer: Tracy Edwards . In the first chapter of the series, the story is told of how she struggled with Dahmer, escaped and alerted the police, who after inspecting his apartment, found evidence of the crimes and arrested the murderer. But what happened to the life of Tracy Edwards? An article on the Fox News site gives some clues. The aforementioned medium interviewed Edwards’s former lawyer, who explained that he testified against the murderer in the 1992 trial but that his traumatic experience marked him forever: “After that,he could never put his life back together. She abused drugs and drank alcohol excessively. She was homeless. She just wandered from one place to another. She destroyed his life. I don’t know how or what she could have done to put things back together,”  Paul Ksicinski said . The lawyer explained that he met Edwards in 2011, when he was accused of killing a person by throwing him off a bridge in Milwaukee  in an area very close to where Dahmer committed his crimes. “It was, in fact, a friend of his. They were all bums and, unfortunately, abusers of alcohol. He was trying to get him off the bridge. The people who had seen him really didn’t have, in our view, the best ability to see him.” that had happened,” he explained about the case. Ksicinski said that his former representative was sentenced to a year and a half in prison for the case. Likewise, he stressed that he was able to conclude that he never received psychological treatment for the trauma he experienced with Dahmer and that he took refuge in alcohol and drugs. “PTSD is real…it’s not fabricated. People go through incredibly traumatic events, and it’s different for each person in terms of how they deal with it. You don’t know what that person has been through or how they’re dealing with it.” . And it might help to know that before passing judgment,” he mused. Ksicinski maintained that the last time he saw Edwards was in 2015 and that since then,you haven’t heard from him.
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