The power of Dahmer (and morbidity): this is how Netflix has stopped the loss of subscribers

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  • The streaming platform has come back this quarter with 2.4 million new users. – Netflix started 2022 on the wrong foot. Reports for its first quarter recorded a massive loss of subscribers, triggering a stock market quake and shareholder anger along with the firing of 300 employees and, of course, the hasty devising of a plan to get out of the doldrums. 

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During the second quarter the decline continued, but at a slower pace than expected and launching somewhat more positive expectations for the near future: a future that is already here, and that has indeed been kind. 

As we have learned from the Q3 2022 report, Netflix has curbed the drain on subscribers. In fact, it has come back with 2.4 million new users.

Something doubly positive because the most optimistic expectations contemplated a rise of one million. The trend has been reversed, the value of the shares has risen 10%, and in addition there have been 1,398 million dollars in net profit. Netflix remains the undisputed leader in the streaming market ,

with its 227 million subscribers throughout the world intact, and this coincides with the manufacture of a plan to improve finances that, curiously, has not yet been implemented: we are talking about the intention of the platform of Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos for inaugurating a modality of their service that has advertising, and that in tune is much cheaper than the standard rate.

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