The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

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When coping with an enemy that will flip one’s household and buddies into demons by merely turning a key and would possibly use the Identity Key to indicate into anyone, people should be very smart to win. That is why the Locke children and their associates have been pressured to develop up quickly after they moved into the Keyhouse. When it received right here to survival for the smartest, the Locke siblings obtained the battle, nonetheless the equivalent can’t be talked about for all the characters throughout the current.

They all underestimated the chance that Dodge posed at first, nonetheless after Sam’s escape from jail and assault on the family, all people turned vigilant. Locke and Key wanted to squeeze the quick growth of the characters into merely three seasons, which pressured every protagonist to advance quickly and maintain with the villains.


11 Eden

Eden had horrible judgment even sooner than she purchased possessed by the demon. The possession didn’t change her each, as she purchased utilized by Dodge and ended up being thrown throughout the properly by Gideon. She solely liked the attention of the other youngsters at school and didn’t seem to find out it out when Kinsey used the Music Box Key on her each.

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She even took the {photograph} of the unconscious Ellie as Tyler and Kinsey known as throughout the group to do away with the physique after they thought that that they had killed Dodge. She managed to fool Josh into following her to the caves though which was most certainly the smartest switch she ever pulled off.

10 Gideon

Captain Fredrick Gideon was a cold-hearted killer in 1775, nonetheless he under no circumstances improved even after he purchased trapped throughout the Well. He managed to outwit Eden and shove her into the Well, nonetheless that’s as far as his intelligence went. He was unable to make use of his knowledge of the keys and his energy as a god of the demons to defeat Dodge and the Lockes.

He actually tried to merge the human and the demon world, which could have made it inconceivable for one facet to survive because it might need introduced on a paradox. He underestimated the Lockes and acquired shoved once more into his portal by Nina.

9 Ellie

Ellie was one among many unluckiest characters throughout the current, as most of her efforts have been undermined by her private compassion for people. She would possibly under no circumstances let go of Lucas and likewise uncared for the reality that he was nonetheless possessed by Dodge and ended up housing most likely essentially the most dangerous demon throughout the current.

Ellie moreover didn’t workforce up with the Locke children early enough and even gave the Crown of Shadows to Dodge, allowing her to raise a navy. In the highest, Dodge outwitted her and acquired her imprisoned behind the Black Door. She was lucky to have the Locke youngsters spherical as they saved her using the Identity Key.

8 Nina

Nina might need made a higher mother if she had solely chosen to be all ears to her children from the beginning. She couldn’t remember magic, nonetheless she should have a minimal of noticed the stress that Duncan, Erin, and the children have been beneath all by the first and second seasons.

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She even misplaced herself and started ingesting as soon as extra, which was one among many worst selections she ever made, notably being a single mom or father. She lastly managed to avoid wasting a lot of the day when she shoved the dying Gideon into the portal. She moreover discovered that Dodge was in Bode’s physique, which helped save the little man.

7 Duncan

If the current started 23 years earlier when Dunc was the Keymaster for Rendell, Erin, and the rest of the outdated keepers of the keys, his contribution would have been appreciated greater. With no memory of magic and struggles with a misplaced earlier, Dunc made a uninteresting character throughout the first season.

When he purchased his reminiscences once more and realized the hazard Dodge posed to the family, he turned a father decide to Tyler and Bode and stood as a lot as the chance. He helped the children defeat the Demon navy and likewise helped them retrieve the Alpha key which made all the distinction in the end.

6 Scot

If Kinsey understood Scot’s feelings for her prior to she did, she would have prevented a variety of the problems Gabe introduced on the family. Scot was on a regular basis a gentleman, eager to watch his passion and offers Kinsey the time and home she needed.

Scot moreover decided to remain spherical longer to help the Lockes defeat Dodge putting his life in peril on account of he actually favored Kinsey. He should have labored extra sturdy at serving to Kinsey see the fact about Gabe and saved her from the struggling she glided by in the end.

5 Erin

Of all the adults that had dealt with the keys to this point, Erin was most likely essentially the most helpful to the Locke siblings, a minimal of sooner than Dodge killed her. She understood Duncan’s loss after realizing he couldn’t remember most of his childhood and thus helped recuperate his reminiscences which saved all people in the end.

Choosing to make use of the head key whereas a housekeeper was within the dwelling 23 years earlier was an enormous mistake, though, as a result of it purchased her trapped in her private head all these years. Finally, Erin’s biggest mistake was going after dodge on her private. She should have realized her lesson after that strive went incorrect after they’ve been youthful.

4 Gabe/Dodge

While Gideon was a stronger villain than Dodge, he wasn’t virtually as intelligent. Dodge discovered an answer to carry herself throughout the human world for as long as she did without getting herself destroyed. She moreover appeared to have an infinite number of ideas on learn how to disguise herself.

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From using Lucas’ physique to profit from Ellie to taking Gabe’s physique to alter into Kinsey’s boyfriend, Dodge was on a regular basis a step ahead of the Lockes. She underestimated the pliability of the Lockes, though, and likewise turned too greedy when she chosen to create a demon out of all people.

3 Bode

Young and intelligent are the two phrases that summarize Bode’s character. He was the first particular person to seek out the Magic Keys and didn’t hesitate to take a look at every key, using himself as a specimen. The little boy made loads of errors whereas coping with Dodge, nonetheless he moreover exercised a great deal of warning considering his youthful age.

Bode and Rufus discovered that Ellie had been thrown into the caves after Dodge used the Identity Key on her. Bode moreover helped Nina understand magic which made her a member of the workforce in stopping in opposition to Dodge and Gideon.

2 Kinsey

Kinsey was most likely essentially the most daring of the Locke siblings nonetheless not most likely essentially the most intelligent on account of she was carried out into courting Dodge for all that time. Kinsey moreover failed to notice Scot’s feelings for her firstly and dealt with him badly, which allowed Dodge to profit from the every of them. Kinsey was nonetheless a brave lady that knew when to assault and when to strategize.

Her sharp contemplating helped the group defeat Dodge and likewise save Bode after his physique was possessed by Dodge. Kinsey moreover understood the need to perception Dodge for a while when Gideon was revealed to be a bigger threat and that helped them mount a higher resistance to the God of the Demons than they did in opposition to Dodge.

1 Tyler

Tyler’s poor judgment purchased the upper of him typically, nonetheless he’s the one character you would possibly rely upon to make the acceptable willpower throughout the hardest of situations. Tyler understood that everyone needed to watch warning when dealing with the keys and warned Bode and Kinsey in opposition to using them for pleasurable.

Tyler was moreover part of every success the Lockes had, along with destroying the shadows and getting the workforce to help do away with what they thought was Dodge’s physique. It was Tyler who on a regular basis stood as a lot as defend the family and on a regular basis tried to keep up all people safe, along with Jackie. He discovered learn how to get the memory key and restore Dunc’s memory, made the a variety of the Alpha key, and eventually destroyed every Dodge and Gideon.

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