The Fall of Crypto Currency After GESARA

The Fall of Crypto Currency After GESARA

The fall of crypto currency after gesara nesara

As a counter-narrative, GESARA has been reappearing in recent years. Coincidentally, it has also been linked with pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theories. QAnon supporters have long claimed that Trump will lead a global monetary reset and initiate global economic reform. Interestingly, Barnard’s book shares the same name as Trump’s campaign mantra: “Make America Great Again.”

NESARA was the first cryptocurrency to take its name, but it was a scam. Like XRP, it failed because it was a Ponzi scheme. In the past, NESARA was used as an example of a bogus scheme. Goodwin claimed to have a connection to Donald Trump and the US space force. However, it is not clear whether NESARA will do so.

NESARA was a fake. In fact, the NESARA team was a con artist. They were able to swindle thousands of people out of their money and waited for the prosperity delivery. The NESARA company, as well as its founder, Clyde Hood, had connections to both of these people. Those who believed in NESARA believed that NESARA was real, and that it was a scam.

The NESARA scam skewed the market and did not deliver the promised prosperity. In fact, the NESARA team’s efforts failed because of Goodwin’s actions. Despite the infamous actions of the NESARA team, they were able to make a link between the NESARA story and the infamous Omega investment fraud that robbed thousands of people of $20 million.

NESARA’s genesis is similar to the story of the Drake Legacy. The NESARA team was involved in a similar scheme that swindled millions of people. The Omega investment scam, which was run by convicted con artist Clyde Hood, has connections to President Donald Trump. The NESARA group, which subsequently merged with the Omega investment firm, was able to avoid detection.

As the scammers’ story is very similar to the Omega investment fraud, the NESARA team managed to scam thousands of people out of their money. In contrast, the Dove’s team has gathered secret sources from around the world. The NESARA group is a “shadow government,” which is a private corporation with no public authority. Its founder Clyde Hood’s brother, Robert Dove, is also a part of the NESARA group.

The CFTC has successfully dismantled a number of terrorist financing schemes, including the Hamas military wing, al-Qaeda, and ISIS. This has resulted in the first-ever economic sanctions associated with malicious cyber activity. The CFTC has also successfully used federal securities laws to protect cryptocurrency investors, and in one case, disgorged over $1.2 billion in ill-gotten gains. As a counter-narrative, the CFTC expects these trends to continue.