The Billion Dollar Torrent from NFT Bay is Art, Says Geoffrey Huntley

The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) has undoubtedly revolutionized the artwork trade as every other collectors gadgets. NFT’s worth is primarily based upon its technological properties, as it may possibly assure by way of blockchain the possession of a digital asset. But, what if these recordsdata had been corrupted or their security compromised? Additionally, add many tens of millions of {dollars} into the combo. Got your consideration?

Recently, the NFT trade noticed streams of social media buzz about the so-called The Bitcoin Dollar Torrent uploaded on The NFT Bay. This torrent file size is barely bigger than 17GB. It allegedly contained the JPEG photographs from all of the NFTs within the Ethereum and the Solana blockchain.

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BeInCrypto spoke to the artist, Geoffrey Huntley, to get a deeper perception into his work and intentions.

A controversial art work

BeinCrypto (BIC): The Billion Dollar Torrent art work goals to vary the course of the NFT artwork sector. What could be your ideally suited state of affairs if it was profitable?

Geoffrey Huntley (GH): Fundamentally, I hope by way of The NFT Bay individuals be taught to know what individuals are shopping for when buying NFT artwork proper now. It is nothing greater than instructions on how you can entry or download a picture. There is a spot of understanding between purchaser and vendor proper now that is getting used to use individuals.

It’s an academic artwork mission.

BIC: Was it tougher to cycle by way of many international locations on a unicycle or assemble all of the NFT’s from Solana and Ethereum?

GH: It was simpler to place collectively the torrent than it is to journey a unicycle.

BIC: How did this idea pop up? Did you might have a eureka second?

GH: [I was just] capturing the shit with Stephen Diehl. We have each seen a programming language develop into over-indexed within the cryptocurrency area, and if issues had been ever to go stomach up, I’m unsure Haskell would ever get better.

I got here up with the idea, however Stephen got here up with the identify “The Billion-Dollar Tarball” from that time onwards, it was continuous cackling intermixed with sleep deprivation to get the mission launched.

Triggered by a Twitter Space

BIC: Which was the exact Twitter Space for NFT’s which triggered you and eventually pushed you to create The Billion Dollar Torrent?

GH: The Twitter Space of Dominique Hamilton.

BIC: How lengthy did it take to finish the mission?

GH: About three days from starting to launch.

Further plans

BIC: Will the ~17 GB of The Billion Dollar Torrent be expanded? Will it update as new NFT’s arrive?

GH: This is a one-time factor and can quickly be importing the mission in its entirety to the Internet Archive for future generations to review.

BIC: Are you planning to create additional actions within the crypto scene, or is your craft now full?

GH: One of the co-founders of Razor1911 stumbled upon “the scene launch” and had the following to say:

I’m achieved (for now not less than) however can be hanging round Web 3 area. If individuals wish to hold updated with what I’m doing, the easiest way is by way of my publication. In a few weeks’ time, I intend to writer a retrospective weblog post that recaps your complete timeline and folks’s reactions.

BIC: Do you suppose some malicious actors could use the info of The Billion Dollar Torrent to use non-savvy customers?

GH: No. I’m snug that this gained’t occur.

BIC: Are you afraid of attainable legal points for creating this torrent from artwork homeowners or regulation establishments?

GH: From what I’ve seen, many artists are quite happy with the website. If somebody needs for content material to be eliminated, the DMCA takedown course of is documented within the footer of The NFT Bay.

Scams regardless of the noble objectives

BIC: The NFT market is huge. There is clearly a hype surrounding this new market and, after all, scams trying to find new victims or pump-and-dump schemes. Don’t you suppose it could be too unfair to sentence the entire trade? Do you see noble actors within the NFT area?

GH: What individuals dream to construct with “Web 3” is fairly wonderful however the greed/scamming occurring is sickening. The goals for a unique future remind me of the web within the Nineties. What’s fascinating right here is the communities are very sturdy and may self-fund the invention section whereas trying to find purposes.

The early web was constructed on a present economic system (i.e., hippies), but what individuals search to construct now is capitalistic and filled with pump and dump schemes. Perverse incentives associated to money are properly understood. At this time, I don’t fairly but see how the trade will resolve issues created by money.

BIC: Are you highlighting the identical unsafe properties of NFTs as found by Jonty Wareing again in March? He identified unsafe properties of the NFT token of the well-known Beeple NFT art work Crossroad for instance? In common, would you say NFT’s are secure or unsafe?

GH: I used to be unfamiliar with Jonty Wareing’s work. Anyone buying and selling/speculating with NFTs ought to solely be doing so with play money that they’re keen to lose as there are many shady stuff and liquidity points behind the scenes.

An NFT, of an NFT, NFT’ed

BIC: In a attainable twist, are you afraid that this art work could develop into an NFT without your consent?

GH: It already has, and we at the moment are into inception territory. VincentVanDough NFT’ed the website and commented that he would purchase me a brand new van if the sale had been to move six figures. Unfortunately, I gained’t be getting a brand new van as a result of the transaction closed at a mere $17,645.42. In response to this, I’ve NFT’ed his NFT with funds being diverted in direction of Outreachy Internships.

Protecting your self on the earth of NFTs

BIC: How can customers test completely that their NFT is actually on the blockchain and never hosted in an unsecured Web 2.0?

GH: There are a few instruments on the market, equivalent to, which primarily appears on the contract definition. If anyone needs to discover ways to do that, then Richard Gaywood has a wonderful thread that walks by way of how to do that.

BIC: Do you see a future in Web 3.0 or just one other buzzy phrase being exploited because it was blockchain years in the past?

GH: I’m optimistic that folks will uncover an utility for internet 3.0, however the group must self-regulate earlier than authorities monetary regulators steps in for them.

The launch of caught the eye of two international locations and their departments that regulate the monetary techniques, together with banks and insurance coverage corporations. Again, the group must self-regulate earlier than authorities monetary regulators step in; in any other case, the applying for internet 3.0 could by no means be found.

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