We knew it was coming, nevertheless it didn’t harm any a lot much less.

The assortment talked about goodbye to Paula as soon as they dealt with us to a bittersweet montage of Paula and Mike’s temporary, thankfully domesticated life collectively on the opening of The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10; then, she collapsed and handed away sooner than the opening credit score.

But by video recordings she left with Wayne, we acquired a variety of further glimpses of her as she left messages to Mike, encouraging him to carry on and by no means fall into the acquainted despair hole he was in sooner than he met her. Of course, apparently, Nick’s been having a hard time, and the current crumbling sooner than his eyes is simply part of it.

Nick Fed Up  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10

We have to supply it up for Piper Perabo. She made Paula one of many very important endearing characters on this assortment and launched many characters collectively unexpectedly.

The montage was sweet. Mike and Paula didn’t have prolonged with one another, nevertheless they made every second rely. Your coronary coronary heart ached for Mike when he saved crying out that they’ve been presupposed to have further time collectively.

Time handed quickly. Similar to how we’re on the end of this sweet assortment, The Big Leap’s final effectivity is correct right here.

And so many changes have occurred in that time frame. The realities of how these assortment don’t instantly change every side of how its contestants’ lives play out have been entrance and coronary heart after we observed Gabby returning to the an identical job she had sooner than she tried out for the current.

The Final Show-tall - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10

Reggie is once more on the workforce as soon as extra, and Brittany continues to be making an attempt to face as a lot as her mother and uncover her path. But in several strategies, the contestants have been irrevocably modified.

Justin has the possibility of a lifetime now. They’re all shut associates akin to family. Mike found and misplaced the love of his life, and all people handled that otherwise.

For Mike, with the help of The Big Leap family, he’s able to keep it up without Paula in a way that he maybe didn’t have the ability or emotional maturity to deal with when he first arrived on the gathering.

His associates aren’t allowing him to fade into himself as soon as extra or slip proper right into a deep despair. He’s given the world to grieve overtly and people who will enable him to do that, and it’s a beautiful issue.

To Love and To Lose  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10

But though Paula and Mike didn’t know each other prolonged, they knew each other properly. Paula’s “P.S. I Love You”-style messages have been ingenious, and it confirmed how good a be taught she had on Mike.

Even in dying, she was saving and looking for his biggest curiosity, and his devotion to her would have Mike doing regardless of Paula wished and anticipated.

All of the messages have been sweet, nevertheless the final one was basically essentially the most emotionally impactful. I like that Paula didn’t have one factor traditionally profound to say in these moments on account of it felt further wise that method. Yet her phrases carried the entire gravitas it wished anyway.

Only on The Big Leap did we come for the Gabby and Reggie love story and end up equally as invested in Mike and Paula like this.

Dancing Toward Love -tall - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 9

Despite all of the issues Mike was going by way of, one feels happy with him for getting by way of it and leaning on others when he wished it. The scenes hugging Joel, the stunning one when a ridiculously tall Wayne enveloped him in a hug, holding palms with Travell, or sipping juice packing containers with the kids Paula impressed — have been all memorable moments.

Whatever his explicit dance in the midst of the effectivity is likely to be, it’ll be an uplifting, sweet present.

Hi Mike. This is it! I assume it’s merely sooner than curtain. Listen, youngster, all of our associates, all people on that current, they’re serving to us endure one factor so onerous. So even in the event you occur to don’t want to go available on the market tonight, do it for them. Do it for me. Most needed, do it for you. Be a part of one factor after which maintain being a part of further points, I would like I had one factor further profound to say nevertheless that’s all I acquired. Just maintain doing stuff with people on account of that’s what life is. My beautiful husband. Break a leg. I actually like you numerous, and I would love you to bounce like I’m watching on account of I’m.


And Gabby and Monica turning into a member of forces to change the choreography last minute are a sight to behold.

I actually like that Gabby has leaned further into orchestrating dances of her private. She’s gifted, and this rivals provided her the possibility to find a experience she didn’t perceive she had.

And it was beautiful how Justin and Monica every impressed her to get recognition for the onerous work she deserves.


Her mannequin of Swan Lake is considerably higher, and supplied that they misplaced an costly good good friend, it has a considerably higher message. You might sense that Gabby observed herself and wished to make use of the problems she’s realized over her course of being on the gathering.

In the tip, it shouldn’t be about discovering love and dropping her life if her love story doesn’t include an individual. Of course, the messaging is that you just fall in love together with your self first.

Self-love is essential of all of them, and it’s one factor that interprets increased and is related on this assortment about second possibilities that had such an unlikely brood of individuals from all walks of life who took a chance.

Monica and Gabby have come an ideal distance of their relationship, and it was a gratifying second that Monica can respect and study Gabby as a peer and fellow visionary.


Maybe they’ll uncover one factor the place they work collectively when this current ends. Gabby and Monica feed off one another creatively in fascinating strategies. The group of dancers ought to hold out of their diversified areas of expertise.

The improbable factor about all of it is likely to be how this mishmash group can make one factor beautiful by contributing their unique offering to an basic dance.

Monica embracing all of this reveals she’s stable aside her ballet elitism. It’s unimaginable growth for her.

But just about Gabby, no matter this reviewer’s standing as an avid Gabby and Reggie shipper, maybe it’s a good issue that Reggie’s having a tricky time making it to the studio in time. He should make a grand gesture, and ideally, we now have to see him dance with Gabby one final time sooner than the season concludes.


But a part of me wonders if it is going to undercut Gabby’s second about falling in love with herself. I’m excited about her confidence.

The pressure is on for Reggie as he seems to have further difficulties appearing on the sphere when his coronary coronary heart and ideas are with Gabby.

Reggie’s post-game interviews have been hilarious, with all people asking about Gabby and The Big Leap as an alternative of the game.

And whereas he had every correct to be pissed at Jessica and the current, he wished them to stand up to now the place he might put all of it out on the highway for Gabby. 

Fight the Power  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10

Nick was over the moon with that news, and it wasn’t solely on account of it made good TV.

Nick has developed a conscience and moral scruples whereas engaged on this assortment. He doesn’t know what to do with that.

Nick: It can’t be panic assaults. Do the issue the place you yell at me as soon as extra and identify me a foolish bitch.
Monica: You’re not dying, you’re grieving. You’re sad about Paula and in addition you’re afraid of shedding your life being a snake inside the grass. You foolish bitch. Sometimes points happen that require us to stop and mirror and actually really feel, Nick. Paula died and no person is okay, along with you. It seems to me that you could possibly each make one factor beautiful in her honor or proceed to supply garbage to chase rankings.

You might inform that his response to all of the issues was resulting from Paula’s dying and the shocking impression. Again, who knew that he developed such an attachment to her? She sneaked up on him, nevertheless a number of the contestants on the current did.

He didn’t anticipate any of this, and the gathering gave him a second chance at turning right into a higher particular person, and he has.

He didn’t want to memorialize Paula on account of it harm an extreme quantity of, and her dying reminded him of the fragility of life. It made him reevaluate his path. After the dying of someone like Paula, it is going to make a person shock how they are going to be mourned or remembered.

Final Countdown -tall - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10

What will you be remembered for after you’re gone? The existentialism of all of it prompted Nick to endure from panic assaults, and Monica was there to kick his butt in gear and hit him with some onerous truths.

Henri did the an identical, and it’s evident she’s on a regular basis been there to encourage her father to be increased.

Nick has on a regular basis been the person who’s calm beneath pressure and unfazed by points that occurred.

We cut back her…. people tune into actuality reveals to be sad about someone getting broken up with in a jacuzzi, to not be sad about a girl who was good to all people and ultimately found love nevertheless died of most cancers method too youthful on account of that could be a reminder that life is crushingly unfair which is exactly what people tune into these reveals to forget about, okay? So we cut back her.


We observed on The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 2 that he barely confirmed hints of a coronary coronary heart when his last gig fell by way of and folk died. Now, he’s having panic assaults about Paula’s dying, and he takes stands in the direction of the studio for the sake of the contestants.

Nick cares, and he’s preventing the reality that he does. The final scene the place the current is falling apart now that the lights have gone off and all of the issues is a disaster moments sooner than all people goes onstage prompts one different scary panic assault.


Nick felt he had a coronary coronary heart assault, and panic assaults positively actually really feel that method, nevertheless is it doable he has one for precise? The events principal as a lot as open curtains are so anxious!

Adding some levity to the state of affairs have been Julia’s experiences alongside along with her family. She and Linus are having a jolly good time doing the horizontal tango, and it’s what Julia deserves.

Kevin’s makes an try to make up for his misdeeds are ridiculous, nevertheless hopefully, now he can refocus his consideration on his daughters as an alternative of Julia and depart it at that.

He’s a terrible husband, and he outlined as quite a bit, nevertheless he doesn’t have to be a foul dad, too.

A Jule and a Raven -tall - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10

The 4 of them bonding and mending fences whereas painting over Olivia’s feminist vagina graffiti was hilarious.

But Simon self-sabotaging his relationship and breaking up with Justin was not. He’s every happy with Justin for attaining a dream and jealous, too. He moreover has zero faith of their relationship, love for one another, and the ability to care for a long-distance relationship.

Monica: When you auditioned for the current I believed you’ve gotten been solely a dreary little office drone.
Gabby: Okay.
Monica: But I see how badly I misjudged you because you is more likely to be a genius.

It sucks that the twins’ mother screwed them up quite a bit that they cannot perception the nice problems with their lives. Justin is devoted to Simon it doesn’t matter what, and Simon can’t see a world the place that’s doable whereas Justin is in Paris. And he doesn’t want to keep Justin once more or maintain what he feels is the inevitable issue from going down.

Simon’s breaking up with Justin sooner than the effectivity sucked, though.

Quarreling Lovers  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10

Once his mother confirmed up,  you knew every the twins would have a tricky time. The lady angling for this Whorelando actuality current with Brittany was ridiculous.

But all of that took a backseat to Brittany realizing that she’s freaking pregnant!

Maybe it’s solely a scare, however when it isn’t, does this indicate that she’s pregnant with Reggie’s youngster, or is there one other individual Brittany was with whom we’re unaware?

And whether or not it’s Reggie’s, how is it going to impact points with Reggie and Gabby? We’re in for a hell of a finale!

Brittany Brings the Drama  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 10

The hour lacked one factor explicit by not having a kind of signature dance performances.

I assume we’re presupposed to rely Paula’s heartbreaking faucet routine the place the lights really went out on her, nevertheless whereas beautiful, it didn’t have the an identical influence as a result of the resort dance amount or the dance battle, ?

The group routines are the current at its biggest, and thankfully, there’s quite a bit to love about this assortment open air of dance. However, these routines have flip into a selected cope with.

What is happening?! We have been presupposed to have further time!


Hopefully, they’ll ship on that inside the finale since everybody appears to be establishing as a lot as their new rendition of Swan Lake with a mixture of dance sorts.

Over to you, Big Leap Fanatics! Do you suppose Brittany is pregnant with Reggie’s youngster? What are your ideas on Nick? Are you bummed about Paula? Hit the suggestions!

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