The 14 Best Giallo Films Ranked

Right off the bat, I ought to let you already know that the titular Solange is just not introduced into the plot of the film till about 45 minutes in. For the giallo lovers, that reality is not shocking, because the style is thought for its unusual pacing and twisted narrative paths that do not at all times fairly make sense. And but, that is why we love these movies. It’s all about the weird journey somewhat than the vacation spot.

Massimo Dallamano’s 1972 film “What Have You (*14*) to Solange?” is a tragic story about intercourse, friendships, and, finally, abortion. The victims of this film are younger feminine college students, a few of whom have had a secret affair with their male professor. He is, unsurprisingly, each an absolute jerk and likewise the prime suspect. But that is too apparent of a selection for the killer, and he as a substitute begins to analyze the reality behind the crimes.

These ladies are killed by objects forcibly shoved inside their vaginas, creating somewhat graphic and perverse crime scenes. “What Have You (*14*) to Solange?” earns its place on this listing attributable to its somewhat progressive subject material and sexually graphic murders, in addition to its harrowing conclusion.

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