The 12 Best Characters In Better Call Saul Ranked

Nacho’s look was teased throughout Saul’s first look on “Breaking Bad.” During the episode “Better Call Saul,” Saul is kidnapped by a masked Walt and Jesse and, mistaking them for cartel members, blames a mysterious determine named Nacho.

The world of the drug cartels was effectively developed all through “Breaking Bad,” however on condition that the present was principally targeted on the household drama and the views of legislation enforcement, there wasn’t as a lot time to develop the private lives of the sellers themselves. While it is enjoyable to see characters like Gus and the Salamanca twins that originated on “Breaking Bad” return in “Better Call Saul,” it is much more thrilling to see a brand new character who’s attempting to interrupt into the commerce and achieve legitimacy. Unlike the ruthless villains, Nacho is a extra relatable character, due to Michael Mando’s sympathetic efficiency.

Unlike Gus, who runs a longtime felony empire, Nacho is an aspiring kingpin who should steadiness his felony work with the tasks he has for his father, (*12*) (Juan Carlos Cantu). Initially working immediately for Tuco, Nacho turns into interested by Mike they usually kind a shaky partnership. Unlike his violent, impulsive employer, Mike is meticulous and plans his duties diligently. Nacho seeks a bigger position within the cartel and plans to take out Hector Salamanca as he prepares for Lalo’s arrival. Nacho’s relationship along with his father makes him extra likable, as he is attempting to please his father whereas balancing private objectives. The fifth season ended with Lalo’s discovery of his assassination try, making Nacho’s destiny an thrilling thriller.

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