STRANGE ATTRACTION Inside the morbid world of ‘dark tourists’ who love serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer & flock to areas where they lived

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A creepy obsession with serial killers has led to a massive influx of morbidly obsessed “dark tourists” at Jeffrey Dahmer’s memory-haunted sites.

People travel from all over the world to visit remote locations in Ohio and Wisconsin as they stare at the disgusting acts of Dahmer, who killed more than a dozen men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

The Netflix series Dark Tourist helped to popularize the term for a growing population of people who spend their free time traveling to strange and unnerving sites.

The show describes dark tourism as: “A global phenomenon where people choose to vacation in places associated with death and destruction.”

A recent obsession among dark tourists and true crime fanatics alike is the life of notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

For nearly a decade, Dahmer lured men and boys into his home where he killed them and dismembered their bodies.

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