Steven Spielberg Explains Why He Had To Make West Side Story

“West Side Story” tells the story of two younger individuals from totally different teams who fall in love, however are pulled aside by the divide between their cultures and circumstances. The e-book it was primarily based on was impressed by William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” if that helps you get a psychological image. 

Spielberg explains within the above video how this musical spoke to him as a toddler. The script was influenced by how issues have — and have not — modified because the time the musical was made. He stated:

“So, I’ve been challenged by what can be the correct musical to tackle. And I may by no means forget my childhood. I used to be 10-years-old once I first listened to the ‘West Side Story’ album. And it by no means went away. I’ve been capable of fulfill that dream and maintain that promise that I made to myself; you will need to make ‘West Side Story.’

“Divisions between unlike-minded individuals is as outdated as time itself. And the divisions between the Sharks and the Jets in 1957, which impressed the musical have been profound. But not as divided as we discover ourselves immediately.

“It turned out in the midst of the event of the script, which took 5 years, issues widened. Which, I believe in a way, sadly, made the story of these racial divides, not simply territorial divides extra related to immediately’s viewers than maybe it even was in 1957.”

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