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Sophia Rosing, Kentucky Student Charged in Racist Attack: 5 Fast Facts

Ophia Rosing is a University of Kentucky student arrested after police said they assaulted a black woman who worked as a receptionist while building a dormitory and made racist remarks in an incident on November 6, 2022, which was captured in a video. . Rosing, 22, was charged with assault, public intoxication and disorderly conduct, Fayette County Jail documents show.

The video was shared on social media by the victim, Kylah Spring, a University of Kentucky freshman and student assistant who worked the Boyd Hall dorm reception desk when the incident occurred. According to Spring, the video was removed from Instagram and TikTok for violating the platform’s rules. But it was reloaded on YouTube by the Kentucky Kernel. The University of Kentucky said in a statement, “Earlier this morning, a disturbing incident was filmed on a video in a residence. The video is highly offensive and we take it very seriously. Our Office of Student too. Conduct is conducting an immediate review and our Student Success Teams are contacting students who have been victims of this behavior to provide support. ”

The UK added: “To be clear, we condemn this behavior and will not tolerate it under any circumstances. The safety and well-being of our community was – and will continue to be – our top priority. “Rosing could not be reached for comment from Heavy and it was unclear whether she had hired a lawyer.

Spring wrote on Facebook: “The crazy thing is that I love my school and I want to be successful here. I didn’t deserve it. I wear my school on my chest every day and I might have a hard time, but I never thought it would happen to me. I’m as important as the next person! I pray that these people will listen to me and stay with me ”.

1. Sophia Rosing Can Be Heard in the Video Using a Racist Slur Several Times & Seen Hitting Kylah Spring, After Trying to Get Into the Dorm While ‘Very Drunk’

Spring, an art student from Memphis, Tennessee, wrote on Facebook that she was assaulted while doing her student work. She said she was repeatedly called “n*****” and the attacker, who has since been identified as Sophia Rosing, bit her arm repeatedly.

Spring wrote: “I am an employee of Boyd Hall at the University of Kentucky and it is part of my job to notify the RA on call of any drunk student who is not feeling well. This girl was very drunk on entering in the residence so I asked if she was alright and kept trying to get her to sit down Also she doesn’t seem to be a resident so I tried to keep her out in the elevator. My friend was also bitten and attacked by this girl as well as several others including the OFFICER.

She posted videos of the incident showing Rosing repeatedly repeating the racial slur and attacking Spring and another student. Rosing is also featured in a music video repeating the insult over and over as a University of Kentucky police officer tries to handcuff her. Spring said the incident occurred around one in the morning.

In a video posted by Spring on Sunday morning, she said: “She didn’t look like a resident, so I didn’t answer the door. But when she walked in, she stumbled across reception all the way to the elevator and started talking to the elevator.”

Spring said she asked Rosing if she was okay and, “She keeps looking at me and starts calling me n*****. …She kept saying, so i went back to the office to get the riot police number and when i came back i tried to go and sit her down and stop her getting in the elevator because she didn’t look like not to a resident, again she didn’t have a phone with her, she didn’t have any ID.The elevator only opened because another student got off. And so I jumped in, trying to gently move her to the side and say, “Hey, could you just come sit here for me.”

Spring said, “She just went on, ‘No, n*****, you f***** n*****, you’re a b****, you’re a n*** * , Do my chores b****. And she kept doing that while I tried to get her to sit. She bit my arm, she slapped me. … She also kicked in the stomach, she tried to run me over with a shopping cart that was in the lobby, she bit my friend and another girl who was trying to help me defuse the situation. … The girl was drunk, so she fell over, so we’re just trying to get her to sit down. … she kept saying things like “do my chores”, “it’s not my fault you’re black”, “it’s not my fault you’re ugly”, “you’re fucking ugly and black”. ‘”

Spring added: “This girl was constantly scolding me not only with her words but also with her hands and her body and she only hurt me. Eventually the police came, the girl kept trying to bite the cop and kick the cop, they couldn’t really get that much information from her. She was arrested. … I don’t want this to lead to another situation where I don’t get the justice I deserve. ”

2. Rosing, a Biology Major, Is From Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, & Attended Beechwood High School

Rosing has deleted or made most of her social media private, but her Facebook page remains online. According to his now-canceled social media, Rosing is from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, a city of approximately 8,200 residents in Kenton County. Rosing graduated from Beechwood High School in 2019.

Rosing is a senior at the University of Kentucky ready to graduate with the class of 2023, according to her now deleted social media pages. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a double major and studies corporate marketing and merchandising, clothing and textiles. Rosing was also a member of College Fashionista, a community of college-aged fashion and beauty influencers, but the group parted ways with her after the video went viral.

College Fashionista wrote on Facebook, “Today we heard of a video of a member of College Fashionista physically and verbally assaulting two Black women. We at Her Campus Media and College Fashionista strongly condemn this despicable behavior and do not tolerate any form of racism or hatred. We unapologetically support BIPOC communities and affirm that black lives matter. Indicate. Immediately upon being notified of the incident, we removed the member from our community and terminated their membership in one of our programs.

College Fashionista added, “We strive to ensure that all of our members reflect our values, but in this case we failed. Here’s how we’ll hold ourselves accountable in the future: Sophia Rosing has been removed from the College community Fashionista, effective immediately We will immediately conduct a detailed review of our membership management practices, including our review processes, internal training and beyond.

The group posted a photo with the caption: “Black Lives Matter. Full stop,” and wrote, “Thank you community for bringing this to our attention. Thank you for speaking up and holding us accountable. We sincerely apologize for the immense damage caused to those involved and to our community at large. »

Patricia Luna, who witnessed the incident, told WKYT, “I heard a slap, then racial slurs and I was like, ‘This is not good, I’m not going and i will get my phone out so i can record.. the girl who was assaulted got away with it very well.. she was always so professional and kind and never turned to violence even though Sophia gave her all the reasons for wanting to retaliate.

3. Sophia Rosing Lost a Brand Ambassador Deal With Dillard’s After the Video Went Viral

Sophia Rosing had a brand ambassador deal with Dillard’s department store, according to a now-deleted post. On LinkedIn, Rosing wrote, “I have had an internship in social media marketing and with a visual merchandising manager. Proudly apart of Dillard’s Campus Collective program!”

Dillard’s said in a social media comment that they have cut ties with Rosing after the incident. The company tweeted, “Dillards does not condone this behavior. Her relationship with Dillard’s has been terminated immediately.”

Students and alumni have called for the University of Kentucky to expel Rosing as a result of her actions. Some have said on social media she is affiliated with a sorority, but it was not immediately clear if that is true, and if so, which sorority she belongs to.

UK freshman Julian Downey told WKYT, “I was just real disappointed to see one of my fellow students was acting that way towards another one of my fellow students and I just hope everybody at UK always feels safe and comfortable and obviously that’s not what happened.”

Sophomore Sienna Edison-Turner told the news station, “The amount of racism that you still see to this day means that people are still teaching their children to still live like the past and that’s not how it is anymore. They need to grow up and live in this century.”

4. University of Kentucky’s President Said in a Message the Actions in the Video ‘Reflect Violence, Which Is Never Acceptable, and a Denial of the Humanity of Members of Our Community’

University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto said in a message to the UK campus community, “Early this morning, an incident involving violence against our students, racial slurs and offensive language occurred in one of our residence halls. One of the victims was a student employee who was working an overnight shift at the front desk. From my view of a video of the incident, the student worker acted with professionalism, restraint and discretion.”

Capilouto added, “As we know more details about what happened, we will share more information. On Friday, I shared with the campus the responsibilities we have to each other as a community — to protect the free expression of ideas and opinions and to respect each other — everyone on this campus — as we strive to create a community of belonging.”

He wrote, “The video images I have seen do not honor our responsibilities to each other. They reflect violence, which is never acceptable, and a denial of the humanity of members of our community. They do not reflect civil discourse. They are deeply antithetical to what we are and what we always want to be as a community. We will fully investigate what happened last night, but we also must learn from this moment and do better as a community.”

The Kentucky president continued, “There is no more important responsibility we have — or commitment we must make — than to treat each person — each person — on this campus as people who have equal intrinsic worth and value. Let us take this moment, painful and ugly though it is, to remind ourselves of the work we must remain committed to as a community where everyone is welcome and feels that they belong.”

5. Sophia Rosing Was Released From the Fayette County Jail & Faces a Felony Charge

According to Fayette County Jail records, Sophia Nicole Rosing was arrested at 3:51 am after being arrested by the University of Kentucky Police Department. According to reports, she was charged with alcohol intoxication in a public place, third degree assault on a police officer, fourth degree assault and second degree disorderly conduct.

Rosing was released around 9:30 am, according to prison records. She was initially imprisoned under the name Jane Doe, but university officials have confirmed her identity. It wasn’t immediately clear when Rosing will appear in court. If convicted of third-degree assault, a class D felony, Rosing faces one to five years in prison, under Kentucky state law. The other charges, including fourth degree assault, are felonies. Kentucky has a hate crime law, but it wasn’t immediately clear whether that would apply in this case. The Hate Crimes Act is an improvement in the sentence a judge can add if a person is found guilty of a crime, but it is not a separate charge in Kentucky under state law.


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