We’re going to perform a little Internet sleuthing and see if we are able to provide you with some ideas. Bullock stated:

“It was sort of not within the place that Louis felt I must be … and he was truly proper. I noticed it when it got here out and I used to be like, ‘Ooo! That’s unlucky.’” 

So, we have got a movie that was not so well-received, with talks round 2016 (with a take a look at possibly 2014 – 2018). That ought to put us between 2015 and 2019 for taking pictures and between . Bullock stated that the film wasn’t for Marvel and added later that it wasn’t for DC both. That narrows it down a bit and form of squeezes out the travesty that was 2015’s “Fantastic Four.” Honestly, the very best “Fantastic Four” film is basically “The Incredibles.” I’m completely not the primary individual to have stated this in print. I can not consider a task for her there anyway. 

However, if she was requested about a film in 2014, it doubtless would have shot in 2015 and been launched in 2016. We can most likely omit “Pride + Prejudice + Zombies” and “Gods of Egypt.” However, there was “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Yes, X-Men is technically a Marvel property, however the rights are had been with Fox, which wasn’t owned by Disney then. She might have performed Moira MacTaggert if Rose Byrne hadn’t come again, I suppose. Still, that appears unlikely.

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