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Ruby Rose’s terrifying encounter in a seemingly empty car park as she loses her friend after a horror film screening: ‘Is something behind me?’

Ruby Rose had a startling encounter after seeing the frightfulness film Halloween Closes in Los Angeles this week.

After making her way into the apparently purge car stop of the theater, the on-screen character got to be frightened when she figured it out that her companion wasn’t with her.

‘I’ve misplaced my companion and I do not know where my car is and it appears that everyone else has left,’ the 36-year-old said.

‘Is there something behind me?’ she asked nervously.

Much to Ruby’s relief, her friend arrived shortly after and everything was okay.

Earlier that night, Ruby posted about her adoration for the film and praised leading lady Jamie Lee Curtis.

‘Thank you for the decades-long commitment to Laurie and Halloween,’ she gushed.

‘You have inspired millions of people around the world (relentlessly) in the process,’ she continued.

‘However, you do this everywhere in your life. Thank you for the passion and courage you have brought to our many screens, for many Halloweens.

‘You’re the original Final Girl. I am proud as punch to call you my friend.’

Ruby added: ‘And she looked SPECTACULAR doing it, every single step of the 45-year franchise!’

Halloween Ends will be released in theatres on Friday by Universal Pictures and also will be available for streaming simultaneously on paid tiers of Peacock for 60 days.

Curtis recently vowed it will be the last time she ever plays Laurie Strode, following the 2018 Halloween requel and its sequel Halloween Kills.


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