Planets with Iron Rain and Hot Ice, with Diamonds Everywhere – The Search for Alien Planets

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This is mostly a improbable science documentary that explores different “Earth” like or sized worlds, however with very totally different, and usually lethal, environments.

Imagine ice that’s scorching. Imagine a world the place it rains liquid glass, or, if the world is scorching sufficient, liquid aluminum or liquid iron!

Imagine a world tilted on its facet in order that it is perpetually sundown and dawn, and one pole is broiling scorching, whereas the opposite pole on the identical world is close to absolute zero as a result of it is at all times within the shade.

Imagine a world the place water is so condensed that it crushes to a type of ice with an ideal crystal lattice.

That’s what this documentary is all about. Alien Earths offers each CGI and speaking heads about worlds that our Earth may need turned out to be, and that really exist someplace on the market in our personal galaxy. And our prime astronomers have solely scratched the floor of the varied sorts of planets that may be close by in our personal galaxy alone.

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