NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Buy, Sell or Hold?

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Analysing the scope of the tech stock for the year ahead.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Stock Performance data

1 Day

5 Day

1 Month

6 Months

1 Year






NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Financial Parameters of the company

Market Cap

$603 Billion

Share Volume

43.5 Million

Forward P/E (1 Year)


P/E Ratio


52 Week High/Low

$346.47/ $115.67

Annualized Dividend


Earnings per share (EPS)




Current yield


NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Market Cap, Revenue and Earnings

With an idea of that one day PC would become a device for gaming and multimedia Nvidia was founded by jensen huang in 1993, There were some graphics chip companies but Nvidia is the only independent that is operating till today unlike their competitors from that time. As of Now Nvidia is the global leader in producing graphics processors and multimedia devices.

Nvidia had an outstanding third quarter results. As per the latest earnings report Nvidia reported a revenue of $7.10 billion with an increase of 50% from the preceding year. Nvidia is upgrading their technology as the NVIDIA RTX reinvented the scenario of graphics with AI and ray tracing. Gaap and non-Gaap earnings per share are reported as $0.97 and $1.17 respectively. Nvidia has paid $100 million as quarterly cash dividends. As of on January 2022 The market cap of the company is $633 billion.

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NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Analyst estimation

In the next quarter, Nvidia is expected to grow to revenue of $70.40 billion with an estimated increase of plus or minus 2 from the last quarter. The current consensus among the investment analysts is to buy the stock, which rating has been held steady from the January month of last year. The next 12 month price targets for NVDA as estimated by the analysts, with a high target of $400 and low target of $329.

In next 12 months, the price of Nvidia will trade between $320 to $400.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Outlook For 2022

As Nvidia is now a pioneer in producing GPUs, there is a lot more expectations of growth in the upcoming years. Nvidia GPUS are operating all over the world in largest data centers and also in cloud computing. Nvidia is likely to dominate the GPU market in future. it wouldn’t be a surprise if Nvidia continues this dominance in graphic card market in 2022 as well. Nvidia could crush it’s competitors in 2022, as most of the laptop manufacturing companies using Nvidia cards.

In 2022, Nvidia is launching 65 new software and development kits including new and updated computing libraries like modulus, reOpt, Megatron, RAPIDs, DOCA and many more to facilitate the data scientists, researchers and students. As the company had a record revenue of $7.10 billion in the previous quarter, they are trying more to accelerate the revenue in the forward year.

Nvidia CEO jensen huang expecting the chip shortage to continue throughout the year 2022. Despite of this, the advancement in cloud computing and AI is expected to continue over a decade, as Nvidia is the major contributor in providing AI And cloud computing technologies, it will be on the cards to look out for 2022.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Latest News

In recent times Nvidia has made a partnership with TuSimple to produce self driving freight trucks. TuSimple is a traded public company that has been already working on self-driving trucks. and have already done a few self-driving trucks.

Nvidia announced to launch Geforce RTX 3080 version with 12gb VRAM variant. The RTX 3080 version offers a 16gb of GDDR6 memory. it is a minor upgrade over the original version. The original version of RTX 3080 had 10gb VRAM. At CES 2022, Nvidia also announced 2 new GPUs series RTX-30 series and RTX-3050 series for entry level graphics for budget desktops. Nvidia has also announced a new flagship desktop GPU RTX3090 Ti. The latest RTX 3090 offers 24gb of GDDR6 memory. it is said to be 11% faster than the RTX 3090 original version.

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Latest Analysis videos

NVIDIA STOCK (NVDA) UPDATE | Price Predictions Using Technical Analysis.

NVDA Price Predictions – NVIDIA Stock Analysis for Thursday, January 19th

NVIDIA Stock Forecast 2022 : Buy, Sell or Hold ?

Despite the surging in demand of AI in 2021, Analyst belief NVDA has more potential to the up side in 2022. As there will be an increase in demand for gaming laptops, the stock price is expected to take off in 2022. NVDA has a support from accumulated volume and also volume of NVDA is increased since last week. Moreover, NVDA Stock is never been cheap except a few times like in 2019 market crash. neglecting the fact that it has a weak rising trend in short-term.

The recommendation for long-term investments is to Buy this stock.

-Rakesh Atla

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