With Ada Wong lastly showing, we’ll hopefully get extra of her story in future movies. Roberts has spoken about initially wanting to incorporate extra of her within the film, however realizing it was proving to be too tough to push in so many principal characters within the size of the movie. Never forget, the “Resident Evil” video games take anyplace between two to 22 hours to finish every installment. Trying to cram that a lot storytelling in a 90-120 minute movie can be overwhelming.

The ending of “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” leaves loads of ends nonetheless free, establishing the likelihood for sequel installments. The standing of the empathetically monstrous Lisa Trevor is unknown, because the practically invincible mutation might have very properly survived the implosion of Raccoon City. The film would not actually dive into her backstory, one thing that will make for a compelling plot level in a future film.

We know that our principal 5 characters survive, however that is not to say they had been the one ones to keep away from the explosion. It’s uncertain that Umbrella solely rigged a technique out of town, so there is not any strategy to assure that nobody else acquired out. The film teased loads of characters and conditions for future films, and figuring out director Johannes Roberts desires to direct movies based mostly on “Resident Evil 4,” “Code: Veronica,” and “Resident Evil 7,” the alternatives are countless.

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