NICK BRIZ DROPPED HIS BEST VIDEO!! HE GOT ROCKED! Reacting To Nick Briz Fights At The Frat Home!

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Thank you guys for watching this vid and shoutout to @nick briz! If you guys appreciated the vid then just like the vid! Comment down under what you guys wanna see subsequent and subscribe to the channel! BIH BIH BIH!

Twitch- DanDaMan561
TikTok- dandaman.561
Original vid is correct right here!

Is Nick BriZ a part of Ballislife?
Once extra, the Ballislife Eastcoast Squad has taken over a park. Slim Reaper, Nick Briz, A-Milly, Zach (One Armed Hooper), and. … More right here. The 5v5 Ballislife Squad Gets HOT!
How previous is BriZ?
age 18
Dylan Brislen (born: August 3, 2004 (2004-08-03) [age 18]), higher recognized online as BriZ, is an American commentary YouTuber.

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