Metal: Hellsinger might be the only rhythm game I’m good at

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A gameplay screenshot of Metal: Hellsinger.
Metal: Hellsinger’s rhythm mechanics are a match made in hell.

Metal: Hellsinger is the rhythm game that I all the time wished however by no means knew. I’ve all the time favored rhythm video games on a conceptual degree, however regardless of being a toddler of the Dance Dance Revolution, none have evoked the similar visceral response or trance-like state I received from Metal: Hellsinger. This is a game that drew tears from my eyes as a result of I hadn’t blinked in over a minute and had me sighing after I defeated a boss as a result of I’d been subconsciously holding my breath. And I wanted extra.

With clear inspiration from the reimagined Doom franchise, Hellsinger is a extremely cellular first-person shooter out there on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 5 that has you performing the whole lot to the beat of a steel soundtrack that options contributions from vocalists like Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquility and Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy, simply to call just a few. I don’t know what darkish pact was signed to get all of those artists to indicate up for this game, however Hellsinger is one in all the finest steel albums I’ve heard in a very long time.

An image featuring several of the vocalists featured on the soundtrack for Metal: Hellsinger
This lineup is only a actual chef’s kiss of steel artists.

No disrespect to Mick Gordon and his phenomenal work on the reimagined Doom soundtracks, however the means that the music completely jams along with the whole lot on-screen has a wierd means of drilling down into my hippo-jampus, or whichever a part of my mind is answerable for headbanging.

Like any good rhythm game, Hellsinger has a combo meter monitoring how lengthy you’ve managed to remain on tempo, however that is additionally tied to the unique monitor featured in every degree. You begin off with a primary kick drum beat, and as your combo meter builds, extra layers of the monitor slowly fall into place. Maintaining a better combo offers you a injury buff, however holding it maxed out kicks in the vocal monitor for a specific degree, and that’s when issues get turned as much as 11, in the event you’ll forgive the cliche.

Hellsinger’s soundtrack could be the best factor to gush about, however I even have to offer credit score to the sound design. Anything you do exactly sounds higher when it’s finished in time with the track. Guns are punchier, dashes get whooshier, and kills get… er… chunkier? Overall, it’s a wise option to let you realize that no matter you’re doing is working.

A gameplay screenshot of Metal: Hellsinger
The guttural sound produced by this multikill is one thing I might take heed to all day.

The weapon choice isn’t fairly as diversified as what you’d see in the Doom video games, however all of them fill a definite position in countering particular enemies and have a unique cadence the place they’re best. All of your weapons have limitless ammo, which all the time retains the motion shifting, however a few of them have to be reloaded at common intervals, which might be finished sooner once you’ve correctly timed it to a beat.

A gameplay screenshot of Metal: Hellsinger
Perfectly timed reloads can be tough however can enhance your injury output.

The fight locations an enormous emphasis on mobility and momentum, with midair dashes and double jumps that will let you rapidly certain by means of fight arenas, and the finishers used to shine off some baddies can virtually be carried out from the subsequent zip code, letting you sprint over to them so long as you’re pointed of their normal path.

Ultimately, the fight and sound coalesce into an expertise that speaks volumes to my headbanging sensibilities and meshed with me on a degree that many different rhythm video games have failed to attain. My only grievance with Hellsinger is the complete expertise is possibly too short-lived. While there are unlockables and different incentives to replaying ranges, you’ll be able to blow by means of the fundamental story in round 4 or 5 hours. If you’re a fan of the Doom franchise or extra modern steel artists, I’d encourage you to offer Metal: Hellsinger a go in the event you’ve received 30 bucks and a free weekend.

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