Ludwig lost for words after ‘loopy’ League stream sniper blindly listens to ridiculous request

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YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren is a person of many skills. However, in accordance to Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, enjoying League of Legends isn’t one among his sturdy fits as a result of he’s “worse than a bot.” Still, that hasn’t stopped Ludwig from wanting to reunite with Tyler1 to show his value. So, to persuade him, he’s been grinding video games to present his enchancment.

He’s change into concerned about enjoying jungle and has been queuing with that as his major function and help as his secondary in video games on Summoner’s Rift.

However, meaning typically he’ll have to decide on enjoying help, even when he doesn’t need to. That’s what occurred throughout his stream on Sep. 14.

But, in hilarious Ludwig vogue, he managed to worm his method out.

Image by way of Riot Games

Ludwig examined his luck by making an indecent proposal on stream. “If any person on the opposite staff is making an attempt to stream sniper me and you’re watching this, are you able to dodge in order that I can play a jungle recreation?” he mentioned.

The odds of one of many 5 gamers on the opposite League staff stream sniping him had been slim, not to mention one who was keen to observe his wild demand because it meant they’d obtain a dodge penalty and have to delay enjoying for a restricted time.

So, Ludwig didn’t suppose it could really occur. But to his shock, it did. Someone hilariously left the sport moments after he requested. “That’s loopy,” he mentioned, as he burst out laughing.

It took him some time to cease laughing, however when he did, he thanked the stream sniper for their noble sacrifice.

“That was fucking loopy. Yo, shoutout to you, bro. Appreciate that,” he mentioned.

Ludwig’s summoner degree is just a little over 30, which implies he’s simply excessive sufficient to begin enjoying ranked and has a great distance to go to impress Tyler1, however he’s as decided as ever.

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