League of Legends jungle pathing and routing guide

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League of Legends has 5 uniquely designed roles various in each early and mid to late sport obligations, map rotations, and farming strategies. Out of all 5 roles, junglers’ early-game choices carry probably the most weight in Summoner’s Rift since a single gank can flip the tides in a lane, and set a carry champion for success in mid to late sport. 

Since understanding the Summoner’s Rift jungle is one of probably the most invaluable instruments that any League participant can have of their arsenal, perfecting it’s a somewhat time-consuming and unforgiving course of that results in frustrations. Once mastered, the jungler function is extremely rewarding that may positively enhance your solo queue win charge. 

Although there are loads of essential elements of jungling to follow to perfection, corresponding to decision-making, monitoring the enemy jungler, and establishing traps and rotations designed to catch the enemy jungler at particular camps to show the tide in your workforce’s favor, pathing is probably the most precious talent to optimize your early sport farming and ganking potential. On prime of that, with correct jungle pathing, it is possible for you to to arrange the deciding performs that may end up in your workforce taking the most effective map aims like Baron Nashor.

So, because the junglers have probably the most company on Summoner’s Rift, it’s excessive time you stepped up and lastly understood correct pathing and routing by way of the jungle.

What is jungle pathing?

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Although we already mentioned the worth of jungle pathing, we nonetheless haven’t clearly outlined the definition of jungle pathing. Jungle pathing, or jungle routing, merely entails the route you’re taking as a jungler, together with the order of camp clearing, ganks, and even invades. The extra superior junglers don’t solely know just like the again of their fingers their jungle pathing, however additionally they perceive the enemy’s pathing. Largely as a result of of this, they can predict their rotations and warn their teammates about potential ganks.

Since there are numerous components that contribute to each you and your enemy jungle pathing, totally understanding their scope and worth is step one to enhancing your jungle pathing.  As you additional be taught and perceive the Summoner’s Rift jungle, you’ll have a better time bending just a few guidelines and reacting instinctively. So, you may all the time try and throw off the enemy workforce as a jungler by taking extra spontaneous paths, however you continue to run the chance of slowing your clear velocity, and, subsequently, probably reducing your affect on the sport. 

If the enemy jungler, then again, successfully tracks you down and invades your jungle, your finest protection will probably be map consciousness. Since you stayed conscious of enemy rotations, or if in case you have imaginative and prescient over your jungle camps, you may merely rotate to different map areas the place your lead is just not at risk.

In this guide to jungle pathing and routing, we’ll dive into some of the extra widespread paths shared by most of the sport’s junglers in the beginning of every sport, adopted by a deeper look into particular paths utilized by different particular champions which have kits that permit them to take action.

The widespread paths

Full clear

When you begin on the blue facet as an ordinary jungler, like Jarvan IV, Sett, and Lee Sin, you’ll wish to begin along with your Red Brambleback, in any other case generally known as the “purple buff.” After killing the purple buff, you’ll be stage two. So, your subsequent camp ought to both be the Krug camp or the Raptors. 

If you might have any semi-reliable AoE at your disposal, like Sejuani’s W, Zac’s W, or Karthus’s Q, you’ll wish to transfer on to your Raptor camp. The Raptor camp supplies lots of gold and expertise, and because it’s a lot sooner to clear it than Krugs, it’s one of probably the most precious camps within the sport behind the buffs. 

After clearing the purple buff facet, you’ll transfer to Wolves, and proceed to Blue Sentinel, or the “blue buff,” and Gromp. Once you’ve cleared your complete jungle, it’s essential to head to the river and safe a Scuttle Crab. 

If you’re beginning on the purple facet, the most effective begin of your full clear route is blue buff. Once secured, you may proceed by taking Gromp and Wolves. On your purple buff facet, you may take raptors first, then purple buff, and Krugs. The first clear must be wrapped up with a Scuttle Crab kill.

After your full clear, you’re both prepared for a gank, or you may merely again, and purchase your gadgets. 

The full clearing is often really useful for power-farming and scaling junglers like Evelyn, Master Yi, Karthus, Lillia, and Viego. 

Buff to buff and gank

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If you’re, then again, enjoying a champion like Jarvan IV, Elise, Rek’Sai, Nunu & Willump, Volibear, and Lee Sin that has sturdy early sport harm, and wonderful ganking potential full clearing your jungle is a waste of time. 

The finest pathing for the blue facet consists of beginning with the purple buff and killing your blue buff earlier than ganking both mid lane or prime lane.

For the purple facet, the most effective begin could be killing the blue buff, then purple. After you’ve killed each of your buffs, you may gank both prime or mid lane. 

Vertical jungling

Vertical jungling generally refers to clearing the enemy jungle on the precise reverse facet of yours. In different phrases, after you clear both blue buff facet, you’ll head to the enemy purple buff facet. With this method, you’re continuously hovering your win-condition lane, and forcing the enemy jungler to gank their weak facet. Vertical jungling is the most typical follow with heavy ganking champions that purpose to set their hypercarries like Kayle, Fiora, or Irelia for success. Although this technique is extraordinarily environment friendly, you’ll nonetheless need to have a robust bot lane duo like Ezreal and Leona that may simply face up to repeated ganks. 

The finest pathing for blue facet junglers both includes purple buff to Krugs to Raptors, and then to enemy blue buff, Gromp, and Wolves. If the blue-side jungler begins with blue buff, Gromp, and Wolves, the pathing into the enemy jungle will seem like this–Raptors, purple buff, and Krugs. 

For the red-side junglers that look to vertically divide jungles, the pathing which begins with purple buff, Krugs, and Raptors ought to proceed with enemy blue buff, Gromp, and Wolves. If the red-side jungler begins with blue buff, Gromp, and Wolves, it might be finest to kill Krugs first, and then purple buff and Raptors. 

Raptors/Wolves begin

If you’re enjoying a champion that has sturdy early-game AOE, there’s an choice to both begin Wolves or Raptors to cover your pathing. The strongest AOE farmers are Kayn, Fiddlesticks, Amumu, Nocturne, Lillia, Shyvana, and Udyr. Although this technique is unique and takes information to execute, there are greater than sufficient advantages to beginning along with your Raptors or Wolves.

Firstly, it requires considerably much less assist to clear. Thanks to the extraordinarily low well being of the small Raptors, your mid laner, who can merely solid a single spell on the camp, spends much less time than your bot lane when leashing. This frees up your bot lane to arrange their lane sooner, and your mid laner ought to end leashing you so rapidly that they make it to their lane earlier than the minions even get there.

And secondly, the enemy workforce could have no clue about your begin, and, later, your actual whereabouts. This, naturally, signifies that you’ll have the component of shock in your facet when ganking or invading. 

So, the pathing for sturdy AOE junglers would seem like this—Raptors, purple buff, Krugs into Wolves, blue buff, and Gromp. If you’re beginning trying to begin with Wolves, then you need to proceed to your blue buff, Gromp, and then transfer on to the purple facet the place you may kill your Raptors, purple buff, and Kurgs.


Invading is the follow of coming into the enemy jungle with the purpose to both steal the spawned camps or to set a lethal entice for the enemy jungler that’s casually and absent-mindedly farming without wanting on the mini-map. The finest case state of affairs when you need to invade the enemy jungle is after a profitable gank since your laner may help you to rapidly take out the enemy and steal their camp. Other than that, you may safely invade the enemy jungle if you’re trying to prolong an ideal lead, and you’re positive you may simply take out the enemy jungler. 

Since invading the enemy jungler is a feast-or-famine technique that may very quickly flip right into a catastrophe, you need to positively be armed with the information of the enemy laners’ whereabouts and their response time. If your invade goes south, and your probably game-winning play seems to be a trainwreck, then deal with farming and additional ganking the lanes to keep away from additional falling behind the enemy jungler. 

The finest invaders are sturdy early-game skirmishers corresponding to Lee Sin, Warwick, and Olaf that may punish power-farming junglers corresponding to Master Yi or Lillia. 


Ganking is, apart from invading, the most effective means for a jungler to take the sport into their very own fingers. The most typical follow is to gank the closest lane to you that’s beginning a struggle. So, you need to continuously keep conscious of the present occurring in your lanes. On prime of that, you need to all the time look to gank lanes that may simply arrange a gank. This generally consists of CC-packed lanes like Jinx and Thresh. 

Other than that, you may all the time punish the overextended enemy laners that didn’t ward the river or the closest brushes. The most regular overextended offenders are heavy-pushing champions like Lux, Malzahar, Darius, Draven, and Zyra. 

You must also keep conscious of the enemy’s technique to shut down a particular lane. If you discover that the enemy jungler is repeatedly ganking your prime lane, rethink your technique and take into account pathing the highest facet to counter-gank the upcoming gank. If all stars align, you may flip an in any other case doomed lane right into a profitable one. 

Bonus tip: If you discover that the laners are combating whilst you’re clearing a close-by camp, don’t hesitate a second earlier than you allow that camp and be a part of a probably game-winning struggle.


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Objectives are the jungler’s bread and butter that additional push the hard-earned lead and assist your workforce to shut out the sport. Since you might have entry to impartial aims like drakes and the Rift Herald, you need to look to take them down as typically as doable. Trading aims, like a drake for the Rift Herald, additionally works nevertheless, you shouldn’t bathe the enemy jungler with aims, particularly if the enemy workforce is behind. 

Since drakes and the Rift Herald have been considerably buffed with Patch 12.14., there are just a few junglers left within the sport that may solo kill drake. Although your flexibility helps your laners remarkably, it’s extraordinarily dangerous and time-consuming to solo kill a drake. So, the most effective follow could be to gank a lane, and then kill a drake.

Bonus tip: As a jungler, you need to keep away from dangerous performs and invades earlier than impartial monsters spawn because you’re then running in danger of utterly shedding the target. 

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