Kiriko’s new origin video details how she came to be the deadliest support hero in Overwatch 2

Overwatch shared a new video with gamers as we speak displaying the origin of Kiriko, the latest support that’s coming with Overwatch 2 when it launches on Oct. 4. Her origin story is cute and heartwarming, however her character is much extra lethal than the video lets on.

Fans received a better glimpse at the character’s origin in the video and an perception into her character as nicely. Kiriko is crafty, fast on her ft, and enjoys enjoying methods once in a while. She is described as having a robust ethical compass and a robust want to maintain her family members.

“Our purpose together with her story was to have fun the highly effective ladies on our roster,” narrative designer Kyungseo Min stated in a blog post about the character. “Kiriko is a robust human with sturdy values and convictions. I undoubtedly put my ‘kick ass’ girl pants on to write for her.” 

Kiriko realized about the fox spirit and the historic method of therapeutic from her grandmother. Her mom is the place she realized about precision and accuracy with the Kunai. Both her mom and her grandmother impressed her to prepare each expertise and are the foundation for her main and secondary fireplace in the recreation.


Kiriko’s package permits her to be a fast and lethal support

More details had been launched about Kiriko’s package, her character, and what her gameplay is like. The builders describe Kiriko as “rewarding for high-skill gamers whereas additionally being an excellent therapeutic possibility for starting gamers.”

This is due to her package and how correct gamers should be to be a superb Kiriko participant. Her Healing Ofuda sends out talismans that search out focused allies and heals them, however her Kunai are what make her a harmful enemy to have.

Her Kunai, which is Kiriko’s secondary fireplace, is a extremely damaging projectile that may do lots of injury if she hits the head of her goal. The knives have a small quantity of harm except they hit critically, in which case they do thrice the injury.


Because of her excessive mobility, excessive potential for vital and lethal injury, and an ult that buffs her and her allies’ motion pace, price of fireplace, and cooldowns, she will most definitely be the deadliest support character when Overwatch 2 launches.

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