KBI FEG SA-85m At The Vary: Comfort of Postban Thumbhole vs Preban Underfolding Inventory?

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Lets start October by attempting out the KBI SA85m on the vary. Many folks change the thumbhole inventory with a extra army configuration with pistol grip, however how is it to shoot this AK as-imported from Hungary? Furthermore, actually which is extra ergonomic and cozy; The ban compliant onerous wooden buttstock or the unique milspec stamped metal underfolder?

The Kassner SA 85m was imported earlier than the 1989 Bush ban, and this one relies on the Hungarian army’s AK-63D.
The KBI SA 85m was primarily based on the AK-63F and imported between 1990 and 1998. It was changed by the single-stack magwell KBI FEG SA 2000m, after Clinton added to what Bush started a decade earlier.

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