Kansas City Woman Kills Firefighter

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etradefactory.com – Kansas City Woman Kills Firefighter.On October 6, off-duty fireman Anthony “Tony” Santi was shot dead at a gas station in Independence, Missouri. because he acted in self-defense.

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On the day of the accident, Santi overheard Ja’Von Taylor arguing with a gas station employee. The firefighters intervened, causing quarrels between the two.

Their discussion spread outside the building, where the verbal disagreement became physical in the parking lot. As the two argued, Taylor pulled out a gun, but the gun fell during the scuffle. According to local news channel FOX4KC, a woman carrying Taylor grabbed her gun and begged the men to stop fighting.

A spectator captured footage of the fight. In the video, the woman desperately asked them to stop while she grabbed the weapon.

Santi had pressed Taylor to the ground as she yelled at the fireman to let Taylor go. “Stop it sir, stop it,” she screamed furiously.

“Get out! My kids [are] in the car! Stop, kill [them],” she continued screaming.

According to witnesses, the fight lasted about 10 minutes. After repeatedly asking Santi to stop fighting Taylor, the woman threatened to shoot her gun. Finally she did.

Kevin Jamison, attorney and author of “Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law,” agrees that the woman’s actions against the firefighter were justified.

He told FOX4KC: “Technically, it’s called defending justification and your justification is saving another person’s life.” He added: “The girl is limited only by what she reasonably assumed were the circumstances.

If she hasn’t seen the start of the fight, all she knows is that her boyfriend was strangled. ” Earlier this week, the Jackson County Attorney’s Office released a statement stating, “We grieve with family and community over this tragic loss of Mr. Santi’s life.” While the woman in the case is acquitted, Taylor could be charged with firearms.

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