Jinggg uses broken Sage wall boost against Team Liquid on Pearl

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Paper Rex showcased a brand new defensive strat on Pearl as we speak throughout their match against Team Liquid at VALORANT Champions Istanbul. 

In an elimination match, Paper Rex used a Sage wall to boost Jing Jie “Jinggg” Wang up onto the bins situated in B Link. This wall permits the defensive group to see into B Ramp and B Main by way of a crack within the buildings. While the attacking group can spot the boosted-up participant from B Link, most groups wouldn’t anticipate there to be a participant from that angle.

Team Liquid’s Dom “soulcas” Sulcas noticed Jingg on this place however wasn’t capable of do injury to him as a result of tight area between the buildings. This resulted in soulcas’ demise and the remaining members of Liquid being unable to peak because of not eager to die from Jinggg’s sneaky positioning. 

To achieve this boost, the group will need to have one Sage and one Raze participant. The group may even should be taking part in on protection in the event that they need to doubtlessly catch the attacking group off guard as they push by way of B Main. At the beginning of the spherical, the Raze participant should put their satchel down subsequent to the bins. The Raze will then have to leap because the satchel goes off, launching them into the air increased than what the everyday participant can bounce on their very own. As the Raze is within the air, the Sage should place the wall on high of the bins. When the wall solidifies, Raze will land on high of the wall and have a transparent view of the B Main push.

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