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The story of the infamous Milwaukee serial killer will be told through the eyes of his victims in a Netflix series. Those who remember say the plan didn’t work.

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For years, Eric Wynn was the only black drag queen at the 219 Club in Milwaukee. He took the stage as Eric Stevens and sang songs by Whitney Houston, Grace Jones and Tina Turner in front of adoring fans. In 1986 and 1987 he was named Miss Gay Wisconsin.

Wynne, now 58, worked at the club in the late 1980s and early 1990s. “I had a group of black kids who came here because they were represented,” said he declared. “I’ve always seen them and I let them know that I could see them because they finally had a place on the podium.”

Eddie Smith, often called “the Sheikh” because he wore a headscarf, and Anthony Hughes, who was hard of hearing, were two of them. Hughes was “my favorite fan” and when Wynne winked at him from the stage, he blushed. In response, Hughes taught her the basics of sign language.

Photo Links Spread! Jeffrey Dahmer Autopsy Photos Prison

“He sat there and laughed at me while I was trying to learn sign language with fake fingernails,” Wynne laughed at the memory.

Wynne said the group of young black men began to dwindle after that.

He said, “They were there and all of a sudden there were fewer.”

Jeffrey Dahmer killed, butchered and ate 17 young men in Milwaukee between 1978 and 1991. Most of the victims were homosexuals. The 219 Club was a place Dahmer often went. He received 15 consecutive life sentences, but was murdered in prison in 1994.

Several documentaries and books about Dahmer’s life have been made, but none have received the same attention and reviews as Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

This 10-part series by Ryan Murphy dramatizes Dahmer’s murder series. The protagonist Evan Peters as Dahmer and Niecy Nash as a neighbor who repeatedly tries to alert the police. The film aims to show Dahmer’s horror story through the stories of his victims.

Many critics thought the plan backfired once Netflix put the series into its L.G.B.T.Q. vertical when it premiered last month. After people complained on Twitter, the tag was removed. Wynne and the victims’ families wonder why it’s important to make the serial killer look interesting and real.

Wynne said, “It couldn’t be more wrong or at a worse time and it’s a publicity stunt.” He also said he was “disappointed” with Murphy. “I didn’t care much.”

Murphy rose to fame with his high school comedy show Glee, but he has written about real-life crime before. In his miniseries American Crime Story, he covered the assassination of Gianni Versace, the OJ Simpson trial and the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

But what held Wynne back was Murphy’s transition from The Normal Heart, based on a play by AIDS activist Larry Kramer, and The Pose, on the 1980s New York dancehall scene, to The Monster.

Wynne said of Pose: “I was really impressed because we finally did a concert that we were a part of.” He also said: “It was a great tribute to all of us. Then he does it, showing that he is actually attacking the black gay community.”

Wynne said “Monster” is more about Dahmer than about the people he hurt. Wynn said he didn’t help that it was an LGBTQ movie on Netflix and it came out just before Halloween.

Netflix did not respond to a request for comment.

Rita Isbell, whose brother Errol Lindsay was killed by Dahmer, wrote an essay for Insider about how watching her brother’s version of Dahmer’s trial testimony in the Netflix series was like “reliving it all over again.”

“It made me remember all the feelings I had at the time,” she wrote. “No one had told me about the show. I think Netflix should have asked us if we agreed to film it or how we felt about it. No one asked me anything. They did it right away.”

Eric Perry, who said he is related to Isbell, wrote that the series is “traumatizing all over again, and for what?”

Scott Gunkel, who is 62, was a bartender at the 219 Club when Dahmer went there. Gunkel had seen the first two episodes of Monster, but couldn’t continue. He said he and his friends “don’t want to go through it again.”


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