Humiliating moment Russian pilot found stricken in car park after ejecting from doomed jet that blew up flats killing 13

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THIS is the humiliating moment when a Russian pilot was found on the ground in a garage moments after he jumped from a fighter jet that crashed into an apartment building.

At least 13 people died, including three children, after a Su-34 supersonic plane crashed into an apartment building in the Russian city of Yeysk.

Nineteen people were reportedly injured when the strike set off a massive fireball in Krasnodar Krai.

The plane is believed to have been on a bombing mission in Ukraine when it crashed and its ammunition exploded in the courtyard of a nine-storey building, which was badly damaged.

Dramatic footage shows the pilot, who managed to eject from the jet, lying on the ground in a parking lot near the burning building.

The Russian seems unable to take off when passers-by stop to ask if he is okay.

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