How to Update Minecraft Bedrock on PC

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How to Update Minecraft Bedrock on PC

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that offers players endless opportunities for creativity and exploration. The game is available on various platforms, including PC. Minecraft Bedrock Edition, specifically designed for Windows 10, allows players to enjoy the game with improved performance and cross-platform compatibility. To ensure you have the latest features, bug fixes, and enhancements, it’s important to regularly update Minecraft Bedrock on your PC. In this article, we will guide you through the process of updating Minecraft Bedrock on your PC, step by step.


Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the version of Minecraft developed for multiple platforms, including Windows 10. It offers a unified experience across different devices and allows players to connect and play with friends on other platforms, such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Regular updates are released to enhance gameplay, introduce new features, and address any bugs or issues.

Understanding Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Before we dive into the updating process, let’s understand what Minecraft Bedrock Edition is. Unlike the Java Edition, which is primarily for PC, Minecraft Bedrock Edition is designed to be compatible with multiple platforms. It uses the Bedrock engine, which provides a smoother experience, improved performance, and cross-platform playability.

The Bedrock Edition includes various versions, such as Minecraft Pocket Edition (for mobile devices), Minecraft Xbox One Edition, and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. All these versions fall under the umbrella term “Minecraft Bedrock Edition.”

Why Update Minecraft Bedrock on PC?

Updating Minecraft Bedrock on your PC is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Bug Fixes and Stability: Updates often include bug fixes and stability improvements, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.
  2. New Features: Each update introduces new features, items, blocks, and gameplay mechanics that enhance the overall gameplay and provide fresh content for exploration.
  3. Compatibility: To play with friends on other platforms, it’s essential to update Minecraft Bedrock to the latest version, as cross-platform play requires all players to be on the same version.
  4. Security: Updates may also address security vulnerabilities, keeping your game and personal information protected.

Before Updating: Precautions and Backing up Data

Before proceeding with the update process, it’s essential to take a few precautions to safeguard your game progress and worlds. While rare, issues can arise during the update process, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Follow these steps to back up your Minecraft Bedrock data:

  1. Step 1: Locate the “saves” folder in your Minecraft directory. The default location is usually “C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds.”
  2. Step 2: Copy the entire “saves” folder and paste it to a safe location on your PC, such as an external hard drive or cloud storage service.

By backing up your saves folder, you ensure that even if something goes wrong during the update, you won’t lose your progress or creations.

Updating Minecraft Bedrock on PC: Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have your data backed up, let’s proceed with the update process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to updating Minecraft Bedrock on your PC:

Checking for Updates

The first step is to check if an update is available for Minecraft Bedrock on your PC. To do this:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Store application on your Windows 10 PC.
  2. Search for “Minecraft” in the store’s search bar.
  3. If an update is available, you’ll see an “Update” button instead of the usual “Play” button.

Downloading the Latest Version

Once you’ve confirmed an update is available, follow these steps to download the latest version:

  1. Click on the “Update” button in the Microsoft Store.
  2. The store will start downloading and installing the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock on your PC. The download time will vary depending on your internet speed.

Installing the Update

After the download is complete, the update will be installed automatically. Follow these steps:

  1. Once the download finishes, the Microsoft Store will transition to the installation process.
  2. Wait for the installation to complete. This may take some time depending on your PC’s specifications.

Launching the Updated Minecraft Bedrock

Once the installation is complete, you’re ready to launch the updated Minecraft Bedrock:

  1. Go to your Start menu or desktop and locate the Minecraft Bedrock shortcut.
  2. Click on the shortcut to launch the game.
  3. If the update was successful, you should see the updated version number in the game’s main menu.

Congratulations! You have successfully updated Minecraft Bedrock on your PC.

Troubleshooting Common Update Issues

While the update process is usually smooth, you may encounter some issues along the way. Here are a few common problems and their solutions:

Insufficient Storage Space

If you receive an error message indicating insufficient storage space during the update process, try the following:

  1. Free up disk space on your PC by deleting unnecessary files or uninstalling unused applications.
  2. Ensure you have enough space in the drive where Minecraft Bedrock is installed.
  3. If possible, consider moving the Minecraft installation to a different drive with more available space.

Slow or Interrupted Internet Connection

If your internet connection is slow or unreliable, the update process may take longer or get interrupted. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection.
  2. Consider connecting your PC to the router using an Ethernet cable instead of relying on a wireless connection.
  3. If the update gets interrupted, restart the update process from the beginning.

Compatibility Issues with Mods or Resource Packs

If you have installed mods or resource packs, they may not be compatible with the updated version. Here’s how you can address this:

  1. Check if the mods or resource packs you have installed are compatible with the updated Minecraft Bedrock version.
  2. If they are not compatible, you may need to update or remove them temporarily until updated versions are available.

Corrupted Game Files

In rare cases, game files may become corrupted during the update process. If you suspect this is the issue, try the following:

  1. Uninstall Minecraft Bedrock from your PC.
  2. Reinstall the game from the Microsoft Store.
  3. After reinstalling, try updating Minecraft Bedrock again.

Benefits of Updating Minecraft Bedrock on PC

Updating Minecraft Bedrock on your PC offers several benefits that enhance your gaming experience. Here are some advantages:

Improved Performance and Stability

Each update includes optimizations that improve the overall performance and stability of Minecraft Bedrock on your PC. You’ll experience fewer crashes, smoother gameplay, and faster loading times.

Bug Fixes and New Features

Updates often fix known bugs and introduce new features. By keeping your game up to date, you’ll have access to the latest content, gameplay mechanics, and enhancements.

Enhanced Multiplayer Experience

Updating Minecraft Bedrock allows you to play with friends on other platforms, such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Cross-platform play requires all players to be on the same version, ensuring seamless multiplayer sessions.


Updating Minecraft Bedrock on your PC is essential to enjoy the latest features, bug fixes, and improvements the game has to offer. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily update Minecraft Bedrock and ensure a smooth and enhanced gaming experience.

Remember to back up your game data before updating and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the process. By staying up to date with the latest version, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft and continue to explore and create with fellow players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: Can I update Minecraft Bedrock on PC for free?

Yes, updating Minecraft Bedrock on PC is free of charge. The updates are provided by Mojang Studios through the Microsoft Store.

FAQ 2: Will updating Minecraft Bedrock delete my saved worlds?

No, updating Minecraft Bedrock will not delete your saved worlds. However, it’s always a good practice to back up your game data before updating, just in case any unforeseen issues occur.

FAQ 3: How long does it take to update Minecraft Bedrock on PC?

The time taken to update Minecraft Bedrock on PC depends on various factors, such as your internet speed and the size of the update. It can range from a few minutes to an hour or more.

FAQ 4: Do I need to update my mods and resource packs after updating Minecraft Bedrock?

Yes, after updating Minecraft Bedrock, it’s advisable to check if your installed mods and resource packs are compatible with the updated version. You may need to update or remove them temporarily until updated versions are available.

FAQ 5: What if I encounter issues during the update process?

If you encounter any issues during the update process, such as error messages or crashes, try the troubleshooting steps provided in this article. If the problem persists, you can seek further assistance from Minecraft’s official support channels or the Minecraft community.

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