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Could our passion for eyeliner have something to do with the fondness of us women for hard things? The truth is, to draw flawless eyeliner, we need hand skills, practice, and the right techniques. How is eyeliner applied? Yes, we admit: It is not easy to get those easy eyeliner styles that we love when we see it, but with the right products and techniques, you can get the cat eye makeup you desire. If you can’t make eyeliner the way you want, try our methods. ‘How to draw eyeliner?’ We have prepared for you. and you can find our best eyeliner suggestions below.

How to Apply Easy Eyeliner?

You don’t need to spend hours for the perfect eye makeup, apply nude eye shadow on the eyelid, draw your eyeliner and apply mascara. Here you are ready. Now we are going through the steps of the perfect eye makeup for you.

When starting your eye makeup, you should prepare your eyelid for eyelinera. Nude cream eyeshadow that you apply before make-up, both prevents your make-up from spoiling for a long time and balances the color inequality in the eyelid. Our favorite cream shadow; Maybelline New York Color Tattoo. With its soft structure and intense pigment, Créme de Nude color serves as a headlight base for us. The best way to apply this shadow is through fingers. Take some product on your finger and spread it over the entire eyelid. After meeting with Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows that provide 24-hour permanence, you may not want to leave it again.

We seem to hear you asking which eyeliner to choose while taking eyeliner. We use fine eyeliner while wearing eyeliner. Thus, we can achieve both more practical and more natural results. If you are not confident about drawing eyeliner and are looking for an eyeliner that will make your job easier, you should definitely try Maybelline New York’s Hyper Easy Eyeliner.

With its ultra-thin tip, it makes the job of drawing eyeliner incredibly easy. With its intense pigment, you can perfectly draw the line you want in one go. The good thing is that Hyper Easy eyeliner is so permanent that it does not flow, smudge or smudge all day long. Thanks to its flexible tip that adapts to the speed of the hand, its ability to draw lines in one go without leaving gaps, and its ability to make no mistakes, we strongly recommend you our new favorite among Maybelline eyeliners!

How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner?

If you are afraid of making a mistake while drawing liquid eyeliner, first create the outline of your eyeliner style with the help of an eye pencil. After you get the look you want with your eye pencil, go over this outline with your liquid eyeliner. If you want to create a smoky look with eyeliner pencil, apply the pencil eyeliner to the bottom of your eyelashes and distribute it to look natural to give it a smoky look.

Since it is easier to apply eyeliner with eyeliner, it is one of the most popular eyeliner techniques.

You should stop pulling your eyeliner starting from the inside of your eyes. Let’s explain immediately how to apply liquid eyeliner: With the eyeliner, you should not only create a tail, but also create the shape of the direction the eyeliner will go. Start from the tail first, then work your way to the fountain with liquid eyeliner. With this method, you can visualize how your eyeliner will turn out in the first step: thick or too thin! Now you know very well how to draw liquid.

How to Apply Gel Eyeliner?

Hottest 50+ Eyeliner Model ideas

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