How to add IoTeX in MetaMask with a Pocket-powered RPC Endpoint

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Follow alongside to find out how to add an IoTeX RPC endpoint in MetaMask minted from the Pocket Portal!

To get started connecting to Pocket’s infrastructure for IoTeX, do the next:

1. Click on the Networks drop-down menu, then press Custom RPC (00:21)
2. Under the Network Name subject, write IoTeX POKT Portal (00:39)
3. Within the New RPC URL subject, copy and paste this endpoint URL (00:46)

4. Put the decimal 4689 in the ChainID subject (1:01)
5. Write IoTeX because the Symbol (1:07)
6. Add because the Block Explorer URL (1:13)
7. Don’t forget to save (1:20)

For directions and endpoints, click on the link to the documentation beneath:

These directions additionally work for MetaMask Mobile, too!

If you do not have MetaMask but, you’ll be able to download the browser extension and/or cell pockets right here:

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